Friday, July 27, 2012

Fantastic Friday

Highlights of our day...

*seeing Amy & Will after them being at Street Reach all week
*going out with the Street Reach team this morning & watching our kids demonstrate Christs love to these inner city children
*seeing how much being here affected all our youth girls and watching them cry because they had to leave and go home ~ Amy included
*a wonderful Mexican meal with Greg, Will & Amy for lunch
*a relaxing time in the hotel room....just being together
*going to Greg & Wills "toy" store ~ a woodworking store in Memphis
*visiting with some family up here
*seeing Robert, Katie & Bryant ~~~~~hugging and kissing my little grandboy
*eating barbeque sandwiches for dinner, Greg smoked the meat and we brought it up here
*visiting with Katie ~ I miss our talks
*watching Robert be adored by his aunts & uncles & great grandmother (pictures coming later)
*eating Katie's yummy chocolate chip cake for dessert
*watching Amy aka the baby whisperer charm little Robert!

Tomorrow morning, we are meeting for breakfast at IHOP and then visiting all morning, eating lunch, and heading for home.

We've taken 100's of pictures today...most of street reach this morning.
I think mine would be ready to come back after a few good nights sleep...oh who am I kidding ~ they didn't want to leave this morning.  Sleep isn't important if you are doing something you love!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

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