Saturday, June 9, 2012

What I did this week!

Canned Blueberries ready for muffins!

Fresh Bell peppers from our garden!

25 quarts of green beans ~ not from our garden

3 quarts of squash ~ from our garden!
We all have to eat ~ I love this retro poster!
Love the retro canning posters~

completed 9 granny squares ~ love these little gems!

the remaining colors in the afghan will be light, mid, and dark purples!
I got some other things accomplished this week also, but I am not at liberty to share those yet.
Greg and Will are working on finishing the bathroom floor!
Amy & I are having fun finding stuff on Pinterest.  I hope her future husband likes bright colors!



  1. Lots of goodies going in your cabinets! Love the pinks and purples in the granny square afghan!

    Picked blueberries this morning and got 1/2 gallon. First picking and there are lots more to ripen yet.

  2. Love the old posters! Bethany and I have aprons like the poster but we left off the shoulder ruffles, we decided they looked like wings! (we decided they looked like something Sue and Mrs. Hollister would have worn) If you want the pattern number, I'll find it.

  3. Donna,
    You were busy this week....I have been only able to harvest my lettuce, still too early here for me to harvest anything.
    My peas did not do well, it was dry when I planted and then we got nothing but rain, and I think it may have way to wet and they drowned or whatever you want to call it.
    I miss seeing you on the site, but at least I can follow you here. take care my friend.


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