Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Using some ideas from Pinterest

Wow!  There are some creative folks in this world.  And I am "gleaning" ideas left and right on Pinterest!  Its really fun to search for the "buried treasures", pin them to your own boards, and then see which of your friends likes them.  I can pretty much predict which friends are going to like which pins!

And dear Amy Lynn is coming up with stuff I never dreamed existed...
her funny "found" quote yesterday....
"Good moms let you lick the beaters, Great moms turn off the mixer first"
Thankfully, on this I fall into the great moms category!

Then she found this..

At least 3 of my 5 sons would have loved this in their bedroom as little boys!

I found a good "keep Amy busy project"!  And set her to work the other day....

Our wood floor cleaning duster needed a new pad ~ the other had a hole in it ~ found the perfect solution on pinterest....

Here are the results....
Oh, she went upstairs with the directions, figured it all out, and took all the pictures of the various steps~
measured the duster head and added 2 inches to each side

used my favorite color!  Bought these throws 1 1/2 years ago at Walgreens for $1

cutting the fabric to fit the pattern (doubled because this fleece is thinner)
made sure it would fit before she sewed

her "new" machine hard at work
the finished project ~ one blanket yeilded 4 dust heads + one happy Mom!  Thanks Amy!
 I've seen lots of neat organizational stuff for sewing rooms ~ so I got started last week...

jumbled fabric shelves full of crafting potential
neatly rolled "I can see what I have" fabric
 And pictures of fabric I bought several years ago at a quilt shop near my mother in law in VA...

 I don't know what I am doing with it yet, but these animals are so cute!  Maybe they will have more animals this summer when we are up there!  I see a quilt for a future grandbaby, some where in those goofy expressions!

 I "collect" fabric (guess thats really a "duh" statement since you can see the closet).  But honestly, there is fabric in there that I don't think I bought/acquired/stole out of moms closet.  Maybe a fabric fairy "blessed" me with some goodies ~ wonder if I could leave a list and could get more that way?

A friend works at a print shop and he brought me all the cardboard to roll the fabric on ~ plus his wife and daughter supplied me too!  So I can organize, clean, find, discover, wonder all to my hearts content.  

But then I discovered that the cutting table I am using to work on is way too short (kinda funny coming from someone who is only 5'2") So, I've been researching cutting/work tables ~ another project for Greg to add to his "honey do" list!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I LOVE those goofy animal fabrics! So cute. LOL! I need to make some dusters too because those Swiffer refills are expensive! Haven't been on Pinterest much lately so I'm probably missing a lot of good stuff.


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