Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oh, you KNOW you wanted to see more baby pictures!

We staged our own photo shoot tonight....
many with pinterest inspired ideas ~ of course we think our baby is what makes the pics so cute!

Grandma & Grandpa cradling their first grandchild

3 generations....Katie, Robert & Greg

kisses for the baby

See now aren't you glad you saw these? (If not...I don't want to know!)
We had fun....Robert, maybe not so much!  He especially hated having his foot painted and then put on the cross stitch picture and canvas~! His rt. footprint on the cross stitch is a little smeared ~ he was over the "fun" by then.  My goal is to have a cross stitch for every grandchild and put their footprints on it.  His name and birthdate will be added!

this is the "secret" baby quilt I've been hinting about...its cross stitched and then hand quilted.

lots of love in every stitch from Grandma to Robert!
Now, its bedtime.  The grandson is exhausted and so are his parents!

Good night!


  1. His is so tiny! did I miss his weight and birth date? beautiful quilt and wonderful picture ideas.

  2. He weighed 7 lb. 8 a pretty average weight!


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