Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Time in GA

We got to GA on Sat. in time to make a run into Restaurant Depot...had to buy the ribs for Greg to cook on Sunday for us.  Then Mom drove up and met us at The Varsity ~ oh yummy!  Chili, , Fries, and a coke!  Mom and Greg indulged in a fried peach pie each!  The Varsity is an Atlanta Landmark and we love it!

Sunday morning, Amy made cinnamon rolls & orange rolls for breakfast.  Then off to church with Mom!  A lifetime friend came in with her parents and family that I haven't seen in sooooo long.  I was thrilled to see Amanda and her family!  (Hey Amanda, didn't lifetime friend sound better than old friend? haha~)

Greg got home from church and started our ribs for dinner.  The smoking was going great until the propane ran out ~ finishing them in the oven was fine and everything tasted great.  Allen and Jennifer got off work and were able to come eat dinner with us and visit for a while.

After dinner, Billy, Ben, Bethany, Bobby, Amy & Will went down to the lake to fish.  Amy & Bethany were just going to observe.  But, they found the end of a fishing pole and decided to rig their own.  The end of the pole, a string tied to it, a hook & bobber ~~~ they caught the biggest fish!  A several pound bass!  The fish was too frantic from being caught and flipped off the hook and into the water before anyone could snap a picture with their cell phone.  And for you folks out there who think this was just a wild fish tale....the older boys made it too the house first and they told us about it before the girls!  Of course, Amy was thrilled with the catch and I am sure Grandaddy Bill was giving her a thumbs up from heaven!

Yesterday, we went to "The Passages" museum/display.  Its about a hour from where Mom lives.  It documents the "history" of the Bible from the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Torah scrolls, all the way up to the Modern Day Bibles.  Some of the Torah scroll cases were quite elaborate ~ one was made by Faberge.  I had previously been told that the King James Bible was made from the original manuscripts but that is not entirely accurate.  80% of it was made from the Geneva Bible  and the other 20% from manuscripts.  We also saw a copy of the "Wicked Bible".....the 10 commandments were listed as originally written except for one ~ Thou shall commit adultery!  Now that was a big oops,  I think Greg told me the author of that manuscript met his end.  We also saw some beautiful Bibles that were illustrated in Ethiopia and included gold leaf in their illustrations.  It was an awesome display and took us about 3 hours to tour completely.....no pictures though because cameras weren't allowed.  Greg bought a reprint of the 1611 KJV, I got a magazine of Christian History on the KJV Bible, and Mom bought a Geneva Bible.  This display was sponsored by Hobby Lobby!

Now we are going to get a little shopping in ~ JoAnn's, Carters Baby Store and Belks.  Later the cousins are coming over to spend the night and go fishing again! 


  1. The boys were so funny, they burst into the house, "You won't believe what Bethany and Amy did!" - they told us about the bass that all the guys were trying to catch (there were some other boys down there fishing) and then realized they'd spilled the beans, as the girls were coming in, they said, "Quick, act surprised, we should have let them tell you first!" (Brenda)

  2. It sounds like you have been having a great time in GA!!! Love the pictures of all the beautiful flowers!


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