Tuesday, May 1, 2012


For today.....

Outside my window ~ sunny, hot, muggy - the calendar may say May 1, but its summertime already in Mississippi

I am thinking ~ about difficult situations

I am thankful for ~ a praying husband

From the kitchen ~ loaded baked potatoes for dinner, also need to dehydrate more onions

I am wearing ~ navy skirt, flower knit shirt, sandals, hair in ponytail

I am creating ~ cross stitch of a quilt store front, crocheted baby afghan

I am going ~ no where till Amy has ballet today

I am reading ~ Psalms,  "Foxfire" book 1

I am praying ~ for family relationships, closeness & openness in these relationships
I am hearing ~ the ceiling fan running

Around the house ~ cuddling puppies, lots of craft projects, enjoying family life

One of my favorite things ~ watching the gardens progress & growth

A few plans for the rest of the week ~ Bible Study, helping a friend with fair projects, gardening, crafting, cooking, caring for my family, church

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  1. I've never read the Foxfire books. I always figured they'd just make me feel badly! LOL!
    Have a great week. (It's summer here in TN as well -- already 80 degrees and it's not even 10:30!)

  2. hot here too but I'm thankful we've had a cool Spring so far...
    have a blessed week.
    Mama Bear

  3. I love my Foxfire books! I take them down every now and then just to thumb through them. I am so excited the summer is "here". Well, we are having 90 degree temps in missouri already!

  4. I love loaded baked potatoes!

    You are blessed to have a praying husband - so many cannot say that.

    God bless you!

  5. Very nice post. Cuddling puppies are so cute. Thinking of loaded baked potatoes is making me hungry. Happy May Day!

  6. I live over in NM, and we've had up to 97* already, although thankfully not today. A praying hubby is a wonderful thing to be thankful for...what a blessing! Thanks for sharing your daybook with us. It's always a treat to peek into other's lives. Have a blessed week!
    Blessings, Kristy

  7. I've had a hard time commenting on your blog. I was very surprised when it actually went through yesterday. I have been here keeping up though. I did move my blog to wordpress from blogger... hope this posts... Greg and the family in the pool "cleaning" cracked me up!


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