Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Response to Comment by "Real Mom"

Comment left for me.....
I feel sorry for your kids that have became brainwashed by their very own mother and never have had the chance to develop their own personality...that is not god´s will only yours so you can show your neighbors decent little girls in flowery dresses they are living your life and not their own your family pictures look like a a bad copy of little house on the prairie you as a mother has deprived yourself of getting to know your children and their given character and talents and not just what you manipulated them into being. on Happy Birthday
Dear "Real Mom"
     What in the world are you talking about?  First of all, the pictures of my daughter and niece were taken on Easter Sunday after church ~ we take family pictures every Easter.  The little princesses in the flowery dresses are a friends daughters ~ these dresses were made by me and given to them as a gift.  And they loved them.
     As daughters/sons in their parents homes, children should dress & act like their parents expect.  The primary teachers and the people that should have the most influence over children in each family are their own parents.  In the last 200+ years, parents have the given the responsibility to their children, their education, their lifestyle over to others who have "their own agenda & are being brainwashed" by teachers/society/tv every single day.  While in living in our home, they do live our lifestyle.  Homes should be safe havens where children can grow up, learn how to interact with others, and learn the ins/outs of relationships. 
      My children have plenty of time to explore their own interests, develop their God-given talents, and be themselves.  Actually much more time than children in public schools, because they aren't trying to live up to peer pressure about clothing, activities, alternative lifestyles, liberal teachings, etc.   Our education, lifestyle, music, clothing, etc is based on our Biblical values as Christians and all is prayed about, discussed, pondered, etc. between my husband and myself and then our children.  
     All of my children (7), have vastly different personalities and interests.  The daughter you are referring to in the picture loves to sew, cook, bake, care for her puppies & bunny, swim, dance ballet, hang out with friends ~ she is not deprived.  We can spend hours talking, looking at recipes, shopping, cooking, doing household chores, learning new things, etc.  We do homeschool as an educational choice for our family ~ its not for everyone, but it is for us.
     The Lord made the world and all the people in it.  We are not all alike, nor should we be.  I don't agree with everything I read on others blogs, but I certainly don't leave comments like you left me.  If you don't agree with our lifestyle, our homelife, the way we dress, act toward each other, spend our time, etc. ~ thats your prerogative.  You don't have to read my blog or look at the pictures.

In Christian Love,  Donna (MississippiMama)

PS  We LOVE Little House on the Prairie!

Post Script from Dad

It isn't very smart to lob a bomb at my Momma Bear and her cubs.  A wise man said it isn't smart to argue with a person that buys ink by the barrel.  In this case, it isn't wise to argue with someone who can delete your comments unread.  Also, you may want to contact your last English writing teacher and ask for a refund.


  1. Great response, Donna.

    I personally know Donna and her family and they are not deprived or manipulated. Donna and Gregg are proud of the family they are raising (as they should be) and I, for one, enjoy them sharing that in this little space.

    A blog is not a space so that others can be criticized or hurt. Why would anyone want to hurt someone with words like these? What is the point?

    Can I take this opportunity to thank you, Donna, my friend, for this blog? And for your family?

    Thank you!

  2. I don't personally know you, but I do enjoy reading your 'down to earth' blog and I feel you have no reason to justify anything you do or say to the judgmental person who wrote the hateful comments. Your children never seem 'brainwashed' and the comments made were probably made because it is a rare sight in this day to see wholesome children whom respect and love their parents!!

  3. Thanks Marie & Maryann! I appreciate your comments and your reading of my "ramblings"!

  4. I don't know why people think they have the right to tell others how to raise they kids. There is no way they would know what your life or your children's life is like thru a blog post. Besides it is our job to raise our children and teach them the right way to live. My kids were raised ( as was I) My house, my rules. That's not to say my mother was mean. We were just raised with respect and honor. My kids are now grown and are raising they own kids. And yes, They are raising them the same way. From what I have read on your blog it sounds like your raising great kids. You have no need to justify that.

  5. Those little girls in those flower dresses are yours. At least they think they are! You are their "adoptive grandmother as they say and Mr. Greg is their adoptive granddaddy" :) Those adorable little girls in those adorable flower dresses Love their dresses and they love their Mr. Greg and Mrs. Donna!!!!!!

  6. Wow. You can definitely tell that the commenter doesn't know any of us. As the mom of one of the 'little girls in flowered dresses' She loves to dress up and loves to wear ratty shorts and t-shirts. Climbs trees (way up), draws, gardens and make mud pies, plays in the creek, read books, go hikings, rock climbing & fly fishing (caught a 12 inch brown trout and a 4 inch rainbow last week in the Smokies); wants to fix her hair, doesn't want to fix her hair, paint her nails, can't be bothered, currently her bicycle is in the shop for repairs because she bent her back rim riding like a mad woman, and spent the evening decorating a pink butterfly cake with her buddies.
    Funny thing about blogs, you feel you know someone but you really don't unless you are personal friends. People are so much more complex that the glimpse you get through a blog. It's easy to forget that wheb you read one for awhile, but none the less true. Thanks for stoppin' by, but really, you don't know any of us at all!!! Brenda

  7. Thanks everyone~ I just couldn't let this one slip by! There have been comments before but none that came at me personally, our parenting, and lifestyle all in one really long, run on comment. I appreciate you all!

  8. I'm sure there have been, ya know, when I read a blog and don't agree with them, I assume (and rightly so), that they probably don't care what my opinion is!! (I need to remember to proof read my writing when typing fast!) Hugs to y'all, send me your book list- convention in 2 DAYS WAHOO! Brenda

  9. I am flabbergasted. I have no idea why someone would do a pitstop at your blog and write such cruel things. It seems pointless really. I am sorry that you were the recipient of such an ugly diatribe. Your blog reading friends know better, and so does anyone that has EVER been a parent. Parenting is not easy, but we do our best and from all I have read, you're a wonderful hands-on Mom. The kind of Mom I WISH I had as a girl. Keep up the good work. We have all got your back sister. Hugs from California.


  10. I don't why some people feel the need to tell others how to live. How would one go about brainwashing their kids anyway? lol I remember well when my son was in school he had to have a football jersey, every year. As soon as we started homeschooling, he never mentioned having a football jersey again. School makes kids want to fit in in ways that don't even matter in the scheme of life. My kids are 23 and 20 now and are pleased with the way they were raised. They have their own minds and think for themselves and I'm very proud of them. My daughter (Amy too) would not have liked the flowered dress but would have loved to feed the puppies and bunny. They are all different.

  11. Oh my goodness! just another liberal attacking a conservative christian. But you handled it very well. I think I would have deleted it. (Stuck my head in the sand). But you addressed it, and very well I might add. I love reading your blog and wish that I had 7 children and could homeschool! God bless you and Greg and the great job you are doin raising your family!

  12. Thank you Momma for raising me the way you did in the few years you had to do the job! I am very thankful the Lord put you in my (our) lives when He did. You worked, as the Lord willed, hard to help our Dad to mold us (Will and I), and make our characters and personalities come out, before we were "too far gone" into the world. I am very thankful to call you Momma, and have you there to guide and help when needed, especially in the coming months with Robert!

    I love you very much!

    (and people don't need to assume that they know somebody just by reading a post or two on a blog)

    Katie Lynn

  13. Dear Donna,
    Many thoughts have gone through my mind since first reading the answer to one of your blogs that you replied to yesterday, May 1, 2012. I also read the comments people left about that blog this morning and I think we may all be missing a very important thing here, this person, male or female, we don't know, could be crying out for help. You rarely write about unpleasant things, it is usually about the good things that are happening in your life and how thankful you are for them. You don't write about the years of struggles leading up to this point for you and Greg. Many people leaving comments this morning are aware of problems and heartaches in the past. I started to list some of them but that isn't the right thing to do. This person only knows what you write about now and they could very well be envious of what you are, what you have and your whole life, thinking that everything is perfect and nothing ever goes wrong. HA!!! That is be a big joke, the family prays about things, hopes for the best and goes on.
    Why don't all of us pray for this person for one week and see if there is a difference in their lives or we may never know but prayer won't hurt us or them. Love, Mom

  14. Thanks to everyone. You know Mom, I never thought about that. No ones life is rosey and full of sunshine all the time ~ mine hasn't been. All people struggle with many things, but you do have to choose to go on with life. Its a whole lot easier to count your blessings when you see how far you have come. For any interested, mine & Gregs story is on the blog ~ probably under biblical household. There is one thing in my life concerning 1 of my children that I don't blog about and won't. Its too painful and a very "sordid" part of his past and mine. But he has come through this and is making great strides in his life now ~ took 10 years. There have been plenty of tears and that just makes me look for the good all the more. The Lord is the only person who can get you through any trials/tribulations, without His guidance and His strength, we are nothing and can do nothing. If anyone needs to contact me personally and need help with any ~ please leave me a message. Greg and I will be glad to help. And again, thanks for all the comments.

  15. I am a liberal, and a long time reader of your blog. Not all of "us" are that rude. :)
    I enjoy reading about a different way of life than my own. And your sewing and gardening put mine to shame. Thank you for allowing me to get a glimpse into your life through your blog!

  16. Donna, your response was well written and I must say that your mom is a very wise lady.


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