Friday, April 13, 2012

Lots of Links

I've got some links to share for cool things I've found...

For canning/food preservation ~
Fleece Blanket patterns ~
Growing Food Indoors ~
Garden Markers for plants ~
Emergency Planning ~ 
Cooking/Homemaking/Mothering Inspiration ~
Free Cross Stitch Patterns ~

These are just a few of my favorites this week!  The juice lid garden markers WILL be making an appearance in my garden ~ those are such a cool idea!  I've been on Marmeedear many times this week and I recently joined the Homemakers Society on the site ($10.95 a year).  I was able to log on yesterday and there are lots and lots of goodies to download and print on there.  Amy and I will have lots of fun things to do for home ec now!  

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!  Our plans include State Bible Drill this afternoon, date morning with Greg, cooking for a "block party/church event" Sat. afternoon, Church services on Sunday morning ~ and hopefully we can work in some gardening time, and sewing time!

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