Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lint & Lemon Drops

True Story.....

When my Mom was a little girl, she and her sister would walk to town with their Mom to go shopping.  And they would pass a storefront with older gentlemen congregating, chatting, etc.  These older men would wear their slacks, suit jackets, hats, etc ~ after all, they had "gone to town".  One of these gentlemen was my Mom's great grandpa.

This grandpa would slip mom & my aunt a lemon drop from his suit pants pocket ~ covered in lint, the candy was sold in bulk and not individually wrapped.  Despite cautions from their mama to be polite, say thank you, and then throw the candy away when they got past the gentlemen ~ Mama and Aunt Janet would lick the lint off the lemon drops and pop them into their mouths to enjoy.

As Mama said "we weren't going to throw away a perfectly good piece of candy just because of a little lint"!

We will be grandparents soon!  Greg is ready to buy lemon drops to carry on the family tradition!

Just goes to show ya, a little lint never hurt anybody!


  1. When we talk about the great-great grandfathers, to keep them straight my kids identify him as 'the fuzzy lemon drop' man!!! I don't blame Mama and Aunt Janet- it's a shame to waste a perfectly good lemon drop! Love ya, Brenda

  2. Ha ha! What a sweet memory :) Thank you for sharing!


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