Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Around the Citystead

Amy bottle feeding our youngest chihuahua

cheery marigolds

Our happiest Tomato plant

Little Hen

Ripening Peach

flowers and birdseed - crooked hook!

Strawberries co-existing with green beans

love my Roses

Gregs Corn

waiting for these blueberries to ripen

beautiful little rosebud

Chip ~ the faithful watchdog

Our potatoes sprouted

Chip & Oreo checking out Will's table taking apart skills (we have to replace the top)

Licorice ~ our new little Mama & 2 of her 3 puppies
At the "lovely" time of 11:40 Sunday night, Licorice decided it was time to have some puppies!  The first one came quickly 11:45 or so ~ since he is all black and give the closeness of the hour, we named him Midnight.  2 - 3 very long hours later, Little Miss decided to make her entrance into the world, breach.  We worked on her a little bit, got her breathing, and back with mama.  And then.....nothing for hours.  We took Licorice to the vet because we were sure there was another puppy ~ xrays confirmed our suspicions and the vet thought it was 2, and one was breach.  Licorice stayed the afternoon with them, they gave her a shot to see if labor would resume, and ended up doing a c-section.  Little Mr. Dalmation spotted chihuahua was in a U position and couldn't go anywhere.  If they had not done surgery, he would have died and possibly Licorice.  I don't know if it was the surgery/anesthesia but neither Licorice or little spotty have their bonding down with each other ~ and he isn't nursing.  I made a trip to the co-op for puppy milk replacement and 2 tiny bottles.  Amy hasn't gotten him to suck yet, but he did get a full tummy...drop by drop!  Maybe they will warm up to each other soon.  

We are thrilled with the progress of the garden so far.  I love watching everything grow and am ready for ripe vegies/fruit.  We had to replace one of our fruit trees in the front.  After it bloomed and leafed out, the leaves yellowed & dropped off....since we just got it in Sept. it was still in its 1 year guarantee period, so we got a new one and Will planted it yesterday.  I really like all the little plants flourishing in the blue barrel.  I would like to get a couple more and plant them the same way ~ advantage.....the puppies leave it alone ~ too hard to dig in the little areas!

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  1. What a tiny puppy!!! :O your peaches look delicious :)

  2. Wow,
    Everything looks amazing. What a peach. I love the babies. Lil Mr. Dalmation puppy is so small. I have never seen Chihuahua puppies before. I had no idea they're so tiny. I hoep he and Mommy bond soon, but kudos to you and the kids for nursing him with a bottle. I hear that makes them bonded to humans really well. Have a great week. Thanks for sharing your awesome garden progress.


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