Thursday, March 8, 2012


This week I am thinking about...

*Buying food in bulk to cut down on expenses, frequency of grocery store trips, and because grocery store prices are so high now. We've got a Sam's membership which helps on some items but I am also looking at Frontier Co-op and Azure Standard.  Does anyone have other places or better ideas?  (We don't have an Aldi's or Costco but we can shop at Restaurant Depot in Atlanta)  I've got plenty of buckets to store bulk purchases in.  This week Greg bought me a food saver & bags, and I ordered mylar bags ~ so the storage issue is a non issue.
So right after I type this ~ I find this company  Their prices on dried goods in buckets seems to be really reasonable.  I've sent an email asking about shipping.

*How many crafty projects I have lined up to complete ~ a wallhanging and a lap quilt to layer, baste, and quilt then bind; 2 embroidery blocks of the month to embroider ~ I got way behind in Feb. with Greg's hospitalization and illness; a surprise for my little grandson to finish embroidering & then complete the construction; and lots of cross stitch I want to do...oh yeah 4 dresses to smock and a baby afghan to finish for the fair.  I don't have any excuses for being bored.

*How much Will has grown and matured since Greg and I have been married.  Will was 11 1/2 and tomorrow he will be 18.  Yikes!  That time really flew.  His pictures have progressed from a short little boy, to a towering over me, handsome young man.

*How our family dynamic is changing.  We've got a son in north Miss., one in GA., a daughter & new son in MO, and a son in LA.  Its hard to keep up with them all.  In the next 13 months we've got 2 sons getting married. 

*How much Greg's sleep apnea machine has made a difference in his restful sleep every night.  He does has some comfort issues to work out with the nose piece on the mask but thats his only complaint.  I, on the other hand, have got to get used to not hearing snoring and listening to the machine.  I've told him its like sleeping with Darth Vadar.  But its all worth it for his health and safety.

*How homeschooling  17 & 15 year olds is so much easier than 7 & 5 year olds!  Not to discourage any new homeschoolers with little ones, but its nice to assign lessons and know they are getting done without me sitting & watching constantly.  We get our work done and can go onto other tasks throughout the day (most days).  We still have issues but not daily!  Thats a huge blessing.

Thats enough thinking for now!  Time for some reading, or crafting, or laundry, or school or something!


  1. You definitely stay busy! Let us know if you order from the Mayflower site and how it goes.

  2. Happy B-day Will! Have a safe trip up all! See you Sunday, Lord willing ;)


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