Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Thanks for Prayers~  please keep them coming.
Greg is a little better today ~ air is traveling through his left lung (improvement over yesterday)
He is in pain from the pneumonia and coughing ~ they've prescribed meds for that
He did eat some of all 3 meals yesterday!
Still issues with his bp, congestion and kidneys.
Staying in ICU today and maybe tonight also.
About an hour after I posted - they moved him to a regular room! (Praise the Lord)

Funny thing ~
I sat with him all Sunday, Sunday night in ER and into Monday morning in the room ~
after they moved him to ICU ~ now I have to wear a gown and gloves
Wouldn't you think I already had been contaminated with his cooties?
We affectionately call the nurses during the daytime the Plastic Police ~ they make sure the plastic/paper gown is on and the gloves too.

His nurses have been great!  At the 9 pm visitation, the nurse let Will & Amy come back with me and then Rob and Andy came back with me this morning.  It was nice not to have to tag team the visit.  The day nurses aren't as lenient ~ its way busier during the day.

I've been blessed with some wonderful friends.
We've got dinner being delivered for 4 nights.
My kids have been given rides to/from places they needed to be, offers of sleepovers so I don't have to worry about them, tons of prayers, many texts and emails.

I did get about 5 hours sleep last night!  Thank you Lord!
Greg needs sleep now ~ ICU is very noisy.  There are always people coming and going, talking, poking and prodding him.  Hopefully, he can get into a room soon and have a door to close!


  1. I'm praying for you! May the Lord comfort you and multiply your rest! Thank you for the update!

  2. Thanks Brytni! Please continue to pray ~ the Lord is answering the prayers and we are now praying for complete healing and no lingering/longterm effects from this mess.

  3. I will! Praise the Lord for doctors and medicine! Glad to hear that Mr. Jackson is beginning to get better, and is in a regular room. I hope he does get to come home tomorrow. The Lord continue to be with you and strengthen and give back Mr. Jackson's health!


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