Friday, February 17, 2012

This Week

Greg's been home this week still recuperating from his horrible bout with pneumonia.  So, we've been able to "homeschool" with Dad.  It has been different having him here all week ~ but definitely something I could get used to!  Sleeping a little later in the morning is a bonus too!  He's had several dr. appt. and did a sleep test ~ he's got sleep apnea.  So now, he gets to treat that problem.  I know he is getting tired of all the tests and he's tired of having no energy.  But, the Lord is healing him!

We started in our new Economics book for our spring semester of math.  Lots of reading but no math problems!  Its a nice change.  We are continuing with History, Spanish, Typing, Zoology, and now studying for the church, region, and state Bible Drills.

Our weather has been all over the place this week.  Cold, rainy, warm, sunny, dreary, but no hot ~ that will come soon enough.  Greg and Will are trying to get the pool pump to work correctly so Will can get all the leaves out of the pool.  They aren't sure what is going on with it.

Amy and I have fabric squares all over the kitchen counters.  A gal at church has ordered 4 baby rag quilts to use for gifts, so Amy is sewing.  The incentive of $$$$$ is a great motivator!  We had lots of squares already cut but ran out of the batting ~ so a trip to our JoAnns was in order!  We got the batting with a 50% off coupon (grand opening special) and found 2 more cutesy polka dot fabrics to use in the quilts. 

The highlight of our week was finding out we are having a grandson!  It didn't really matter to us if it was a boy or girl, we are just thrilled to know for sure!  He will have the distinction of being the first grandchild!  I'm working on a quilt project for our grandbaby!  The top will be embroidered and the backing will be John Deere fabric.  Its a great thing to work on at night while watching tv or a movie.  I've really got more projects to do than time to do them.  Its a nice problem to have.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, peaceful, fun weekend!

I am linking up with Heidi for the Farmgirl Bloghop at  I know technically, I don't have a farm...but a girl can dream!

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  1. Hope Greg is feeling better real soon!
    I know what you mean about more projects than time. LOL!


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