Thursday, February 2, 2012


I am thankful for...

hot showers of clean water
a home hot water heater
closets of clothes for my family
kitchen & household appliances
availability of fabric & yarn for crafts & clothing
easy internet access
a comfy bed with fresh sheets
fluffy pillows
sweetly scented shampoos & bath gels
too much room
beautiful vegie/flower seed catalogs
finding money "hidden" in my wallet
Bibles for Haiti
knowing that our home church was praying for our Honduras trip
Greg's obtaining a passport in 4 hours
renewed friendships on our Mission Team
thinking about future trips
goals set with my best friend
fresh fruits and vegetables in Jan. in Honduras (yummy!)
protection from harm while on Missions
Bible distribution even when the circumstances aren't the best
sweet hugs & I Love You's from Sonya & Mirna
laughter & good times on long bus rides
finishing dish cloths to share with friends
drinking lots of Mirinda
watching Will interact
seeing how everything works & comes together
God's Love & Salvation


  1. "...fresh fruits and vegetables in Honduras (yummy!)"I think it's the most tempting fragment.

  2. That's a beautiful list, Donna. Coming home tired but fresh and renewed!

  3. So true! I'm glad you are safely home.


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