Friday, February 24, 2012


As I said in an earlier post.....we've been watching the show "Doomsday Preppers" on the National Geographic channel.  Its always interesting, sometimes funny, makes you think, and honestly makes you wonder about the families they found to be on the show. 

But, Amy and I were "inspired" by a family that have built their own home (compound) out of huge metal packing crates.  We decided that moving would be too much trouble but we could get these containers and surround our current home with them for if we did this around the whole yard, it wouldn't matter how tall my grass got or if we ever edged the driveway, or if I tore up my front lawn and planted it in squash.  It would probably cut down on door to door salesmen or whoever.  Then I thought for another level of protection, we should get one of those rescue panthers from the Geico commercials.

Since "the city" doesn't like cars parked in the road or yard ~ what do you think they will do about my packing container compound?  Letters, letters, letters~

Now, I am poking fun at the folks on the show.  I do think Nat Geo found the most extreme of the preppers to feature on the show.  Hopefully, all these folks have a relationship with the Lord and they are making their preperations through His leading and His guidance. Any of the scenarios they are prepping against could happen.  I do believe you should have some level of prep for electricity being out, or a flu epidemic, or a hurricane/tornado, or prices going through the roof.  Have some batteries, shelf stable food, an extra propane tank for your grill to cook, etc.  But 10 years of freeze dried food is probably extreme.

I would like to learn a few of their skills, especially in regards to canning and preserving foods.  I'd like to know how to can Meat. This would come in handy for a power outage or to carry in the RV for a trip.  And any of these skills would come in handy if you were ever chosen to be on the show "Survivor".  but thats another story!


  1. LOL! This post made me laugh, yet I do agree that I hope they have a relationship with the Lord.
    My husband and I always chuckle at that panther commercial from Geico!

  2. I agree with you on the extremeism of these shows. Where do they find these people?! We have about 6 months of food on hand at all times (because of the instability of fuel) and then we have the generator with some extra gas always on hand. But we put our trust in the Lord to see us through should anything catastrophic happen. We feel that it would be a great opportunity to win souls to the Kingdom if we are able to help care for those who are hungry...:) We recently canned our first meat! It is great! super tender! and it's easy! When you catch some meat on sale you could can it up! Like Crystal at
    She has some excellent ideas!

  3. I haven't ever watched that show, looks like I'm missing out! But, we too are looking into the panther idea. I think he would like the top of our entertainment center. (No one would mess with you if you went jogging with him also) However, I think I would give him free reign of the canned meats.....better to keep him well fed. Ha,Ha, Loved the last two blogs! I'm sure the fine people of B. would love the containers- I'm thinkin' you would be the talk of the town. You could turn them into mini garages and then you tecnically wouldn't be parking in the grass!...In a strange way, I think this makes sense, maybe. Love ya, Sis

  4. Dear Nutty Sis! Thank you for validating my point about the compound of containers and the panther. I think this would go well in your neighborhood too! I will let you know if I find a big bargain sale on either the containers or the panther.


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