Friday, February 3, 2012

New Challenges at Kroger

Our local Kroger has decided to Mix-up every aisle and move all the items.  The products on aisles make no sense to me (some didn't make sense before).  Fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, bread, dairy, pharmacy, freezer cases, checkout lanes, and organic are (so far) all in the same spots in the store.  But everything else is turned upside down. 

Greeting cards are across the aisle from cheeses, coffee is across from mexican/ethnic foods, cookies & crackers are seperated, flour & sugar are several aisles apart, and it gets worse from there.

I complained to several folks ~ who told me this is corporate wide, all the stores would do it, and this layout made more sense and it would be easier to find items.  I am not sure where that logic came from.  Maybe they put slips of paper into a hat, threw them into the air, and then picked up pairs to put together in the store. 

We had to walk up and down every aisle to find anything.  The signs hanging from the ceiling telling what aisles everything's on were wrong. 

And as Amy so aptly pointed out...putting the cookie aisles right beside the exit door (2 ft away) is just asking for trouble.

By the time we figure out where everything is.......they will move it again.

I may need some Tylenol when I venture in the store again ~ good thing I have some at home, because I couldn't find it in the store!


  1. I did need Tylenol when we left there tonight! It was horrible.

  2. They mixed everything up so customers would walk through the whole store and do "see-food" shopping. Amy might have a point about the cookie aisle... :)

    (Katie for Bryant)

  3. ok, that sounds terrible. i'm with you, doesn't make sense. Bryant's probably right.

    Our little kroger here hasn't changed yet. maybe too small town and people would rebel? hope so, don't want to go in one day to that!

    but we are shopping alot now at the brandon because of shelby's diet. SO LOOKING FORWARD TO MY NEXT VISIT!

  4. LOL! I couldn't help laughing when I read this. We don't have a nearby Kroger's, but an Ingles grocery store and they did the same thing recently. OH MY! I STILL have trouble finding things and it's been a few months since they did the change. Then we got a new Super Walmart and I personally liked the old one better. :)


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