Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Early Signs of Springtime

an azalea bloom

first ever plum tree bloom


apple tree leaves

new garden box ready for dirt and plants

strawberry plant in our barrel

peach tree blossoms ~ the tree is covered

a coop waiting for baby chicks

Bluebelle the big  fluffy lop-eared rabbit

Asparagus coming back to life

\my seed order delivered from Bakers Creek Seeds

I've linked up with Heidi at http://mysimplecountryliving.blogspot.com/2012/02/country-garden-showcase-week-7.html.  You can visit her blog and see other "signs of springtime from around the country!


  1. she is not big she is fuffly

  2. First time here! Really enjoyed your post! You and your followers may be interested in the give away I am having at:


  3. Donna, I love seeing all of your pictures of spring. we just have daffodils poking their heads through here as well as a few buds on the bushes. Praise the LORD for His wonderful promise of springtime and harvest until He returns for us again! Happy planting!


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