Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday update

Ola from sunny,HOT, beautiful Honduras!

This is Donna, Greg has been doing the posting till now. He made it down here today and I am a happy wife. He got here about 12:30 with no problems.
Its been a good week so far, I really did not want to get on that plane without him. The scripture I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROGH CHRIST WHO GIVES ME STRENGTH has been my personal scripture. I repeated it to myself for hours on the plane. I told W ill that I hoped when we got through customs that I saw faces I knew..and the Lord had about 20friendly folks that I knew. AMEN!

Lots of folks stepped up to the plate to help me. Plenty of good help and lots of laughter.

Tomorrow Greg and I are hitting the town. More grocery shopping and hopefully looking at some fabric.

My fsvorite cleaning lady at the church is still here...her name is Glenda. She tries to tell me something in Spanish and talks louder-maybe she thinks I can understand Spanish if she is louder! It doesn't help! But her hugs are sweet and so is her heart.

I am very thankful that our hog

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  1. Wow, it's international- if you repeat what you are saying louder and slower, the person who doesn't speak your language is supposed to magically understand!!! and I thought Americans were the only ones who did that! Too funny, glad Greg's there and everything is going well! Love, Brenda


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