Monday, January 2, 2012

Reading Log

I love to read.  I read many kinds of books ~ my Bible (have a NKJV), historical fiction, cookbooks (current & historical), homekeeping manuals, gardening, devotional,  homesteading, magazines, and many more.  Among my favorite fiction writers are Beverly Lewis, Janette Oke & Grace Livingston Hill.  Greg & I have all the Dave Ramsey books and they've helped us in paying off debt, setting goals, and staying debt free (except for the mortgage). 

Greg bought us a Kindle and besides playing backgammon on it ~ now I've read 2 books that I downloaded for free.  I've found several G.L. Hill books on it that I've never read before!  I've also found some historical homekeeping manuals that I've donloaded ~ on Amazon they are $40-$50 each. and the kindle version is free.  And free is great!

My goal for this year is to "record" all the books I read.  Just out of curiosity, I would like to know how much I read in a year.  Hopefully, I will remember to write everything down.  I am going to keep track of books that I read for the first time & favorites that I re-read.  I'll include my manuals ~ quilting, sewing, gardening, canning, etc.  And books of the Bible that I complete.  Plus magazines.

My first book on the list is "The Enchanted Barn" by G.L. Hill.  It was a great book ~ enchanted was an odd word to put in the title because it sounds like some kind of a book about magic, which its not.  But words have different meanings in different era's.  Mrs. Hill lived from the mid 1800's - late 1920's.  All of her books are Christian themes of prayer, salvation, victory for the downtrodden, etc.  As an author she wrote over 100 books.  I've got many of them, and now I can find lots for free.  As an indication of how words were spelled differently...the word clue used to be spelled clew.  I thought at first it was a typo but everytime I saw the word, it was spelled clew.

For those that don't have a Kindle~ many of these books you can download onto your laptop and read them that way.  Its a great, frugal way to have lots of new books titles to enjoy.

Happy reading in 2012!

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  1. I kept track of the books I read on my sidebar. When I finished the last book of the year I copy and pasted it into a post so I would have a permanent record of what I read. My goal for 2011 was 50 books but I fells somewhat short with 32. Still a good year for me considering I love to read and I am so busy (as you are). I also have a Kindle and refuse to purchase books when there are so many free ones available. Happy reading in 2012!


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