Monday, January 30, 2012

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

For those interested in numbers for the Mission Trip ~ here you go!

The construction team hauled 178~5 gallon buckets full of cement to build
2 wheelchair ramps &
1 sidewalk at 2 different churches

Vacation Bible School ministered to
256 children & 24 adults
there were 166 indications of decisions for Christ
400 New Testament Bibles given out
2 cd's left with the churches for the childrens songs 

Medical Team ~ worked in 5 locations
1897 patients seen in general medicine
618 optomology patients
9,000 prescriptions filled
269 Dental patients
429 teeth pulled
over 100 professions of faith
many New Testaments given out

We acknowledge that only the Lord knows the sincerity in a persons heart.  Only He knows, the exact numbers of new believers.  But regardless of the numbers, many seeds were planted and we hope will continue to grow and flourish in each heart ministered too.

Greg also started a taxi ministry.  When we got our taxi rides with groceries, the drivers got their fare, a tip, and a Spanish New Testament Bible.  All said thank you for the Bibles.



  1. It is wonderful to read what y'all have been doing, Donna! I have another friend who left this past Saturday morning to spend this week in Honduras ... please pray that they will see God move, as well.

  2. Will be praying....maybe we passed her in the airport.


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