Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finished Pinwheels

 Now I just need sashing, framing, backing, and binding fabric!  Oh yeah, and the quilting part!

What?  Am I in your way?

Kindle sleeve made from flannel

Just a little extra protection for traveling!


  1. PRETTY!!! How did you manage to quilt a dog? LOL.

    I really like the black polka dog with the black and white paisley design.

  2. Oh, yeah - and the quilting part??

    looks beautiful! can you take it on the trip to work on?

  3. Haha ~ Licorice just had to get in the picture and sit on my quilt.

    Rie, the squares aren't sewn together ~ just laying next to each other. I've got to find some fabric to use for sashing and then I will sew it all together when we get back. Just hung my bug jar wall hanging this weekend!

  4. I love those pinwheels. The colors are so pretty.


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