Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day One Honduras Mission Trip "Plans, whose plans?"

Our trip to Honduras has been planned for a while.  Unfortunately, our plans are not always the plans that actually happen.  Greg's passport got rained on in Haiti.  The first page separated from the cover.  This is defined as a damaged passport and it is no longer valid.  We learned this tidy bit of information this morning at the airport check in.

So, Will and Donna are on their way to Honduras.  Greg is working on the wall paper in Granny's dinning room.  Actually, he is making a huge hole in the wall.  It may take two weeks to fix the mess he is making there.

There is a passport office in Atlanta, and Greg has an early appointment Monday to try to get a replacement for a flight on Tuesday.  Delta was compassionate and changed his ticket at no cost.  Donna was brave to take on the trip without Greg.  Will is stepping up to manhood to be his mom's protector and defender.  Seeing the movie Courageous was a good start for this week.  We had no idea how our plans would change.  Please say a prayer for Donna and Will as they work in El Progresso.  Say a prayer for Greg as he works at Granny's.  Also say a prayer for Greg to get his passport and get on the plane Tuesday.

Update - The hole in the wall is no more.  Granny kind of misses it, but she didn't want the neighbors to know she has copper pipes, so she is ok with the wall being there.

Update 2 - I got a call from Honduras.  Donna and Will made it just fine.  The flight was not crowded at all and they got to sit together in a 3 seat row.  Will was sure to point out the banana plantation to Donna when he saw them out the bus window. (She HATES bananas, and I mean that in a most Christian way.)  They have had their first cab ride and were in a fender bender.  The driver sideswiped a bus.  Backed up, and acted like he didn't do it and drove around the 5 lanes of cars on a two lane road. They arrived safe and sound.  Donna and 6 others went to the Maxi Bodega to start shopping for groceries.  Will and Donna are on the 5:30 AM wake up crew to make eggs and maybe some spam.  The bacon and sausage were in my suitcase so they get spam.  A healthy alternative to meat.


  1. Oh no! I hope Will and Donna enjoy the trip...

  2. We are praying for y'all!! I hope it's a great trip and that everything gets worked out with Greg's passport.


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