Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wonderful Saturday

Today has been a great, family, fun day. Greg and I had our Sat. date this morning and started with breakfast at Primo's. The fun was diminished somewhat when the waiter came to the table and told me they were out of gravy for the biscuits ~ How does a breakfast place run out of gravy on a Sat. morning? The substitute hashbrowns were good, but not on the same level of good as the gravy.

We then hit some week before Christmas sales with our coupons in hand. Penneys coupon was $10 off $10 ~ we found a cutesy denim jumper for Olive at 40% off and with the coupon cost us $2! Went into Belks and got a gown using a gift card so the cost was $0. Headed to Kohls to exchange a shirt for Will $1.62. Then onto Hobby Lobby to match some yarn and get some floss $12. Bargain shopping is fun! The crowds ~ not so fun.

At home, I spent an hour or so reading in the Old Testament. I've hit some difficult books in the OT, and switched to some New Testament reading and research, so its taken me longer than I anticipated. But, I will complete the OT! Greg got the "Masterlife" bible study set, so he read the first lesson or so in that book. Masterlife will be a study we do in church this year.

We watched a little tv, worked in the yard some ~ blowing leaves out of the grass, moving the RV, and sweeping. Now the county leaf vacuum needs to come take care of the piles at the curb. I also am updating my address book and trying to eliminate the little pieces of paper with addresses written on them. Got the calendar filled out for next year of everyone's birthdays.

Dinner was warm chili and then watching "Cars 2". I got to snuggle with 2 of Hersheys puppies ~ they are squirmy little critters. I think Oreo has doubled in size and the other 3 aren't too far behind.

Tomorrow is church ~ our family has been asked to light the Advent Candle during the service. Then we will be celebrating James 28th birthday at home (how can I be old enough to have a 28 year old?). Greg has a meeting in the afternoon and then we are off to watch the kids do their choir program at a Mission Church about 30 minutes from here.

I pray everyone will have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. Sounds like the perfect Saturday! You got some great deals but I know what you mean about the crowds. UGhhh.


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