Thursday, December 1, 2011

This and That

Random stuff...

Its the first of the month again (December already! how did that happen?)  The county tests the tornado sirens at noon and ours are working just fine.  The dogs have been able to imitate the fire truck sirens for a while ~ now they are working on perfecting their tornado siren howl.

We will finally get our freezer fixed today.  Its been a 3-4 week process to figure out what is going on with it and they are finally deciding its the compressor.  So they are replacing it this afternoon.  (Our freezer just randomly thaws and then refreezes ~ never stays off long enough to affect the fridge 1/2 though).

We just figured out we've got 8  math units completed since Aug. 1 (and we took off 2 1/2 weeks in that time ~ Wedding, Disney, Thanksgiving) and only have 4 more left in the book.  Now, I've got to figure out another Math ~ maybe we will do Economics next.  We are schooling an extra December week to make up for taking off vacation time.  Amy and Will are learning how to sketch mammals for their Zoology notebooks ~ yesterday was bottlenose dolphin and a whale, today will be a gorilla & something else.

I got to work on my pinwheel blocks yesterday and completed 6 more!  I love all the contrasting colors and am anxious to see what it will look like completed.  I'll post more pics when more blocks are done. Sharon (a bloggy quilter friend) shared a link with me yesterday through comments thats got lots of block instructions....yeah! more to do in my "spare" time.

Hershey looks like she is ready to "pop".  We are thinking 4 puppies again this time ~ we are hoping they all live.  We've already found a home for 1 puppy and a possible home for another.

And, I'm still of the mindset that jigsaw puzzles are for the insane...and working on this one, I am fast getting there.  But its a great family activity and better than watching tons of tv.


  1. LOL! This made me laugh! Tornado sirens being perfected... Insane jigsaw puzzler!

  2. Thanks for your comments the siren howling, insane puzzler, dog owner (or something like that)


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