Tuesday, December 13, 2011

For today...
Outside my window ~ cloudy & cool, looks like rain

I am thinking ~ about how thankful I am for modern medicine, asthma before inhalers were invented would be awful

I am thankful for ~ doctors, medicine (I've got the crud ~ official dr. explanation!)

From the kitchen ~ don't have a clue...Amy gets to cook dinner

From the learning rooms ~ nothing, its our school break

I am wearing ~ clothes, a drippy nose, a coughy throat, and a sweater because I am cold
I am creating ~ finishing a cross stitch towel for Amy's hopechest

I am going ~ no where for a couple of days...don't want to share the crud

I am reading ~ "The City Homesteader" & a quilting book

I am praying ~ for lost family members

I am hearing ~ Amy in the kitchen, Hersheys puppies whining, cars driving

Around the house ~ working on a new jigsaw puzzle, lots of relaxing, reading & cross stitch, playing Backgammon on the Kindle (I'm obsessed according to Amy)

One of my favorite things ~ a good nights sleep

A few plans for the rest of the week ~ bible study, youth party for Amy & Will on Friday, James' birthday on Sunday, church
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  1. I'm sorry to hear that your not feeling well ;( I hope you get well soon! The Lord be with you, and comfort your ill body and strengthen your spirit!
    Brytni Jade

  2. Oh! Happy birthday to James too :)

  3. I'm afraid I might be coming down with the crud! I have the drippy nose, watery eyes, drainage...yuk! i have become addicted to crossword puzzles. ;-) I would really like to start some cross stitch towels after the first of the year. I may have to put reading on the back burner to get to do other things that I enjoy. Just about done with my first sewing project! I am so excited. Maybe I will share it on my blog when I get it done. Hope you get a good nights sleep and get to feeling better!

  4. Thank you Brytni, it just started a few days ago but I am past ready for it to be over.

    Monica ~ I hope you don't get this ~ not fun! I would love to see your first sewing project! Please post it on your blog.

  5. I love your daybooks. I hope you feel better soon. I am with you modern medicine is a blessing.
    Thank you for asking about me. I am doing much better just a little sad at times but God is good. :)
    I am ready for you to come get chickens anytime. They are still not laying well but maybe they will do better for you. ha ha

  6. nice post thanks for sharing...happy holidays...blessings soraya


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