Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Cookbook

I've just spent an awesome day with Greg, Amy, Will, Katie & Bryant in St. Louis.  We ate breakfast at the hotel, went to JoAnn's for fabric (stuff for baby "Olive" too), went to Arch & Westward Expansion Museum and then onto the Anhaueser Busch Brewing Company for a free tour.  Pictures will come later...the camera is in the car right now.

I love cookbooks and the newest one will be really interesting to read...Here is what the cover says....

"Housekeeping Made Easy. Mrs. Hill's New Cook Book, A practical system for Private families, in town and country.  With directions for Carving and arranging the table for dinner, parties, etc. Together with many medical and miscellaneous receipts extremely useful in families"

by Mrs. A.P. Hill widow of Hon. Edward Y. Hill, of GA

Originally published in 1867.

We've already read what to do for Lockjaw ~ pretty much we've decided the cure just hastened your demise.  Or, after "taking the cure", dying would have been easier.  I am looking forward to reading this 416 page Historical Homekeeping Manual!

Thanks Greg!


  1. sound like an interesting read on some of the funny thing they did back in the day! Glad you enjoyed your visit to St. Louis!

  2. I love those kind of old cookbooks and have a few from my MIL. Like how to pluck a chicken, etc! Congrats to Miss Katie- I hope she is feeling well!
    Robin Sue


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