Friday, November 18, 2011

Great Friday

Here's our accomplishments today....

read in the book of Ezekiel in the Bible
cleaned the house
cut out quilt squares for pinwheel quilt
washed winter sweaters/sweatshirts
designed a holiday card on CVS with great family pictures
shopped at Walmart ~ bought more fabric for quilt
visited Rosana ~ what an inspiration ~ got to hear all about their precious Canaan
got gas for lawnmower
cooked and ate dinner
read and answered emails from Katie and Mom
watched "Despicable Me" (1st time all the way through)
Amy popped popcorn
Ready to watch "The Green Lantern" Weird movie ~ the guys are finishing it without us

Tomorrow is date morning with my sweetheart husband
our Pastor's sons wedding
family time at home

Sunday is Sunday School and church
cooking 4 hams for Church Fellowship Thanksgiving Dinner
eating dinner and giving thanks with all our friends
then watching "The Amazing Race"

Life is Great!


  1. Mowing grass and washing sweaters! Crazy isn't it?! You are lucky! Wal-Mart here quit selling fabric! My kids loved Green Lantern.

    Hope you have a wonderful time at your Fellowship dinner.

  2. DH brought home Green Lantern the other night....we usually aren't much on movies (so hard to find good ones), but I agree with you....weird movie, too sci fi for me!

    We were on one of our extremely rare Wal-Mart excursions for material yesterday and I noticed the rows were narrower than ever before and very little to choose from.....I'm grateful they still have anything, but there was no one there to help us. We picked out some material, spread it across the counter, pinned a note on it asking for 1 yard and left to do our other shopping.....came back an hour later and our material was still like we left it. I rang the bell a few times and we finally just left. Sad, but like everything else.....guess we'll get it elsewhere.

    And ....we're reading 1 John and our daily Proverbs....


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