Monday, November 28, 2011


 Earlier in the year, I talked about changing our December celebrations.  And we are still on track to do that.  Now, that Thanksgiving is over, we really need to decide what to do, but we are "on a journey" and don't have a jumping off spot yet.  Here is what we do know....for right now, at least

Our past observances of "Christmas" will be changing.  Our journey has led us to ponder what we've done in the past and why we've done it.  I love tradition, keeping up traditions, and passing on traditions ~ but is that a good enough reason or any reason to continue on the same path?  For some, the answer would be Yes ~ keep it up, there is nothing wrong with it, and everyone has to make decisions for their own family and household.  Our journey, has also pointed us toward different sermons, resources, books, etc. that deal extensively with the subject.  If you start reading/listening you will find that emotions run deep and some get quite obstinate/heated/antagonistic ~ on both sides of the issue. There is the Puritan "don't observe the day in any way", there is the "observe it as Christs birth day" mindset, and the "do whatever, have fun, anything goes" mindset.  We could get to Heaven and find out we are all wrong, and we missed the path completely.

This is the difficulty, both in deciding what to do and the explaining about what we are striving toward.  The Bible doesn't indicate what we should or shouldn't do.  It never tells us to celebrate or observe the birth of Christ.  It does tell us to remember His Death Burial and Resurrection by observing the Lord's Supper and Baptisms.  However, there are many accounts of the birth of Christ involving ~ angels, singing, praises, visits, and gifts.  All given to Him and for Him.  In the New Testament, the books of Matthew and Luke share the birth of Jesus.

The 2 blogs listed below have some good points and the ladies share what their families are doing...

You will probably have to copy and paste these to your address bar to read the articles.  I added these links so y'all could read some other perspectives and know we aren't the only "crazy" people out there changing things up.

We are not dropping the observance of Christs birth (even though he wasn't born on 12-25, that is just a day which was selected by the Roman church to coincide with a pagan day).  It is more likely that Jesus was born during the festival of booths and that the stable was a booth built by the Inn Keeper.  This festival occurs during the harvest time, when Caesar would have asked people to pay taxes.  This is also the time when shepherds would have been out with their flocks at night, not during the cold of winter.  This also ties in well with John the Baptist being born at passover 6 months before Jesus.  We aren't dropping all gift giving, just greatly cutting down ~ and we are going to give gifts to our children, each other, family members when we find them...not find, save, stash away and bring out on 12-25. We are doing minimal decorating ~ haven't quite decided on this one yet, but its time to decide.  We are eliminating Santa, reindeer, etc.  Greg has a good blog on the lie of Santa and why we should not have him in our house.  We are also eliminating our tree (Jeremiah 10:2-4).

While we don't have all the answers, we are striving to make our lives pleasing to the Lord.  We do know, when you ask the Lord to show you what to change in your life to please Him ~ you had better be ready for His answers and guidance.  He is leading us in directions we never dreamed about.

***This post is just a sharing of our journey.  It is not an attempt to sway anyone to our "way of thinking".  The 2 links given share their families observations and what they've decided for their families.  There are many excellent sermons on Sermon Audio concerning Christmas.  


  1. Great post, Donna. Over the course of about five years my Gregg :) and I have eliminated some. But I know not enough. Ours has mostly had to do with gifts because we were seeing it become the most important thing to our children.

    We do need to think on some other things, though. This helps.

    Girl - write more lines like this - We could get to Heaven and find out we are all wrong, and we missed the path completely.

    I need to read that everyday!!

    Love you and still can't comment my profile. so, Rie

  2. We are on a similar journey. I read Kendra's post about not observing Christmas at all. Which put me to thinking about how we observe it. We have not had Santa in our house for many years now but our journey is leading us to eliminate the tree. We are in search of a beautiful Nativity set to take its place. They are hard to find! My oldest daughter is not happy that we aren't decorating a tree as tradition has "dictated". But I know she understands why we have chosen not to. As far as gifts go, they are practical things that our family can use and we are NOT going in debt for anything! I will have to read Your Sacred Calling post on this view. Although like you said it is an individual journey. Thanks for sharing this Donna! It blesses me to see peoples heart turning more toward the Lord instead of holding to our traditions.

  3. I agree with Rie, the gifts are bothering me because my kids are getting too caught up in comparing what they get to what some of their cousins and friends get.

    Christmas has been a struggle in our family for years and I have gotten to the point that I dread all the hoopla, but I haven't been willing to give up the traditions that have meant so much to me over the years. Honestly, I can't say where we will end up on this issue, but I do feel that God is leading us in a different direction.



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