Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pulled the Plug

Yesterday, I blogged about putting on the Armor of God.  After the last 24 - 48 hours I've had on Facebook....we pulled the plug ~ on facebook.  It was getting nasty ~ it was involving young, liberal, college kids that don't recognize the darkness they are living in.  I was getting attacked for defending my opinion and my convictions & being called intolerant.  Well guess what, I am intolerant, my convictions are based on the Bible, I don't have to be politically correct to make you feel better.  But, we are protecting me from that nastiness.  So we left.

We have talked about leaving facebook for several months.  About half the time, after I've been on there, I am disturbed by the blatant favoritism of certain people, the nosiness of others, the lies being told, the immodest dress in pictures people put up, the partying/drunkenness that goes on, and all the liberal garbage.  I found out the many folks I went to highschool with are still living their teen years, over and over ~ forget the fact we are in our 50's now ~ I don't want to go back to highschool.  It was interesting to see what they looked like now!  But my curiosity has been satisfied. 

If you are on FB, its hard to remove content you've put on there.  I removed all my picture albums (it pained me to even erase Daddy's album, but I have the pics elsewhere), deleted the groups I liked, wrote down contact info for folks, took down my profile picture, etc.  Put I can't figure out how to delete me on there permanently.  After Greg answered the latest attack on my character ~ he asked me to removed all the stuff on his page too.  So it was a late night for us. 

We feel better.  We slept great!

I will miss updates with my Mom, sister, nephews, cousin, & friends. (Brenda,please give Billy my email, we've been messaging back and forth once or twice a week)  I will miss teasing back and forth with certain people.  I will miss seeing picture updates of beautiful children in my life ~ they can email me!  My "friend" Deanna always puts loads of links for crafts & homeschooling on FB ~ hopefully, she can put some on her blog too.  (I put her name in "" "" because I've never met her in person...she is a friend of a friend & a great source of information) 

My comments are moderated on my blog.  Meaning, if a comment shows up it means I approved it.  Sometimes comments are circling in cyberspace and I can't publish them ~ Brenda yours from yesterday is like that!  My blog is my opinion.  Everyone has their opinion, right or wrong.  I am trying to base mine on the word of God and not the world.  So that makes me unpopular ~ not my problem any more!

Putting on the whole armor of God every morning!


  1. KUDOS Donna for taking a stand! We Christians must do what is Right NOT what is Popular. I have never had Facebook because of just the things you mentioned. 2 Timothy 4:7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith! (May God richly bless your for fighting the good fight!)

  2. Monica, Your comments make me smile! Thanks for commenting and always being positive!

  3. Yes, yes, yes. Never have I missed not having a facebook. Not now, and I'm pretty sure after reading this - not ever.

    Sorry been gone so long, lately I've forgotten what the computer is!

    Love you my brave friend and miss you, Rie

  4. I still want to see pictures of children in silly hats! Please - Silly Hats!



  5. I am so proud of the decision you made. FB is a thorn for me and I so need to do the same thing. I spend way too much precious time over there. I love the stand you take on things and will just make sure I come over here more.
    ~~~ Trixi

  6. While I have not 'unplugged' - I do limit my "friends" to only people I have personally met in real life and that add some value to my day. Posts that are offensive to me in some way get 'hidden' and people that turn ugly become 'unfriended'.
    Our church family does a lot of communication via fb and I find it a useful tool to share positive/helpful blogs with others (like yours!) *S*.
    Blessings on the journey~


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