Thursday, October 20, 2011

An Inspiration & Very Brave Friend

Last spring, I got an exciting phone call from a close girlfriend telling me she was Pregnant.  We were thrilled with her news and rejoiced with her family.  One of the questions she asked was "have I ever smocked for a boy", to which I answered no, but I was willing to try!

At about 20 weeks, she had her ultrasound/dr. appt. and got the horrible news about this little blessings "defects" or "special circumstances", the least of which is spina bifida.  Yes, I did say least, because the news just got worse and worse.  The dr. requested they do a amniocentesis, to check/confirm/deny other issues.  And the news got even worse from there.  Everything the dr. suspected was confirmed.  And the dear little blessing is a boy.

Now you may be wondering where does inspiration and bravery enter into this entry.  It comes from the incredible faith/courage/tears from my dear friend and her husband.  They've been told this little baby boy won't live more than a couple of minutes after birth.  I cannot even begin to imagine the pain, agony, and questioning that is going on in their minds.  They immediately chose for her to carry this baby as long as possible, so they could spend just a few minutes loving on him before they release him into the arms of Jesus.  We've all prayed fervently for their continued courage, their strength, her safety, and healing of this precious little life.  We all know that the Lord can choose to show himself mighty, strong, and glorious by healing some or all of this little ones health issues before birth (& I pray daily for that) or he may chose to heal him in Heaven.  Its the Lords choice and little Canaan's mommy and daddy are well aware of that.

We've all cried, sobbed, clung to each other in prayer.  Lots of hugging, how are you doing's, dinners fixed, and more crying.

Their Faith and Courage is an encouragement to me.  They are living examples of a parents sacrifice and love for their children.  They are always volunteering to help or be there for us.  She gave Katie a beautiful wedding shower and was a huge blessing of help for the wedding reception. 

In a little less than a month, baby Canaan will be birthed into this world, for however long the Lord chooses.  His birth is anticipated by his parents, 5 sisters/brothers, grandparents, church family and friends. 

And, I smocked.

Much love and prayers to you Rosana & David!


  1. I am always hugely inspired by these accounts of families who respond to this kind of news with such faithfulness. Those who avoid hard decisions never know what blessings attend. I know that a loving God does not leave them without comfort and I'm sure that you are a great comfort to them also. This is all the more significant to me as I am in Idaho awaiting the birth of my second grandson. Even with today's medical advances, bringing forth children may still happen in sorrow. I hope you will have a chance to smock again for another child and perhaps these friends will be as Job.

  2. I am so sorry for their suffering and heartache. We will definitely be praying for them - I can't imagine!


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