Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Wedding Quilt

Katie finished piecing the top of her wedding quilt ~ then came the challenge of the backing and batting.  She decided to lay everything on the living room floor so she and Amy could baste the layers together ~ they used large safety pins to baste it instead of needle and thread.

I would have loved to have a video of all the fun & laughter (OK, I was the one laughing but they were really funny).

this is my favorite!

Katie chose a lt blue and yellow paisley print for the backing fabric.  Then after its quilted, she can use either side.  I'd like to go back and get more of the paisley to use for placemats or potholders, it would look great to quilt around the paisley shapes.

Now, she just has to decide "how" to quilt the squares!


  1. Beautiful and so are they!

    Safe trip, love, rie

  2. That's absolutely beautiful! And what a fun memory the two will have years from now. :)


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