Friday, August 5, 2011

Wedding Preparations

Applying for license

filling out all the paperwork

Greg signing the permission paper for his baby to get married

The License

Tux Decisions

Fitting ~ Bryant

Fitting Brady

Fitting Will
Bryant and Brady got here past midnight~thirty last night.  Katie and I were their welcoming committee.  Basically it was, huggy huggy and then goodnight.

Today was full of activity.  First Bryant & Katie, Will & Brady (the chaperones) drove down to the Health Dept. to get Bryants blood test put on Miss. paperwork and pick up Katie's results.  Then it was a lazy morning at home with Bible study, talking, Wii playing and a couple of games of pool.

Greg got home around lunchtime and Rob arrived soon afterwards.  Lunch was grilled hot dogs, chili, fruit and chips.  Then off to get the marriage license.  Bryant and Katie were brave and dropped by the Keepers meeting and he was introduced to Marie, Jennifer, Kelley, and Nancy.  Then onto get tuxes, look for shirts at Kohl's, hit Hobby Lobby and Michaels and dinner at Backyard Burger.

Now, I am praying for a quiet night at home...well as quiet as a house can be with 5 of my children and 2 guests!

Tomorrow morning, the "to be"  married couple to be will meet with our Pastor and start the pre-marital counseling~


  1. Oh, so exciting!!! Enjoy your visit.

  2. What a cutie he was! It appears Katie has been blessed with a God-fearing wonderful young man. We are so proud for her and for all of you.



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