Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Marie's surgery went well today & the doctors are optimistic that there won't be anything else needed.  I pray their "gut instinct" is correct.  If all goes well tonight and in the morning, she will be in her own bed tomorrow night~

James car broke down on Sat.  Just fizzled in the road in 104 degree heat.  After the ballet recital, James, Greg & Will went to tow it to the garage.  They were able to fix it today ~ under warranty ~ no charge.  Thats a huge blessing!

The Lord sent us 3 hours of wonderful, much needed rain.  My garden is soaking it up and my rain barrel is filling up.  What a wonderful surprise today.

Over a week ago, our dishwasher broke.  A & K were not thrilled.  The guy finally made it out today and couldn't fix it ~ we thought it was just a broken latch but it wasn't that easy.  Its got a little computerized plate on the front with the different settings and the start.  Well...start is broken.  So they have to order the panel and don't know if we will get if before the weekend.  So we may be eating on Chinet plates while our company is here.

We are looking forward to a visit this weekend from the Cutlers again.  Only the Lord knows where this friendship is leading ~ we are all very interested bystanders.  Lots of fun!

Rob & Sarah have set the wedding date.  Dec. 16, 2012, near New Orleans. Lots of planning going on in that area.  The reception place looks really good and reading the "menu" made me hungry.  Wonder if they need a sampler before then?

We are still amazed and excited about all the things the Lord is revealing to us ~ in his word and through inspired sermons.  The more we learn, the more we know that we can't know everything about our awesome, holy, magnificent Lord.  We are humbled at his love for us.

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