Saturday, May 14, 2011


We've had a super productive and very fun day.

 This morning was my Sat. morn date with my dear husband.  It was special not only because we were together but it was the first one in 4 weeks.  We've been traveling, had a college graduation & a homeschool conference.  We ate breakfast at Corner Bakery, bought some quilt batting at Hobby Lobby and deck screws, plants & plastic chicken wire at Lowes.  While its not glamour & pricey ~ its fun and we enjoyed it!

We got home and got to work.  Katie & I planted about 15  cucumber plants, 8 tomato plants, 8 bellpepper plants and pulled bunches of weeds.  Will & Amy enclosed the bottom of our trampoline with the plastic chicken wire to give our chickens a bigger place to "run".  The chickens were a little skeptical at first but Amy bribed them with chicken scratch, so they spent some time in their new surroundings.  Greg got more boards put down on our  new deck and fixed the seat in Katie's car.  Then we went through the boxes James got out of the attic for us and found lots to donate to the church sale.  The Lord blessed us with much cooler weather today, so it was very pleasant working outside.

We declared tonight family date night and went to our new "5 Guys Burgers & Fries" that opened last week.  Yummy food~

Found out tonight that my friend Trixi's son is going into the Beekeeping business, so now I will have a source for honey.  I pray  they will be very successful and the little bees are hard workers!

Its great to be home and able to start our family routine.  We are slowly getting our house back in order, finding homes for our new books, and completing some crafting projects.

We've only got 4 days left of school for this school year.  Amen & hallelujah! 

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