Wednesday, May 11, 2011

25 Reasons to Homeschool

Reasons to Homeschool...

1. You can go to school in your pajama's (we don't but some do)

2.  You will never miss the bus (but you can wave at it as it goes by)

3.  The teacher & the principal love each other and want the very best for their students

4.  You don't have to worry about school bullies

5.  Set your own schedule

6.  Your child can be in 4 different grades at the same time

7.  Siblings have to learn how to get along with each other

8.  You can cancel regularly scheduled classes for any reason ~ field trip, dr. appt., visiting relatives, etc.

9.  More time to serve church/community as a family

10.  You children aren't learning "alternative" lifestyles/choices as a rule but in light of the scriptures

11.  You chose when to teach your children the "birds 'n bees" not some beuracrat

12.  Set your own school year and vacation times

13.  Have books, will travel

14.  Pick & choose your own curriculum ~ can also toss it mid-year if its not working

15.  In depth study of really interesting topics ~ our schedule, our learning

16.  Great network support of other homeschoolers ~ local groups, church, friends, state-wide groups, conventions, sermons, radio broadcasts, books

17.  Set your own hours

18.  Pray whenever you want ~ before, during, or after school

19.  You can hug the teacher/pupils and not worry about a law suit!

20.  Higher accountability to work completion

21.  Cleaning the pool, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, is a practical Home Ec course

22.  Greater learning opportunities than in a "traditional" classroom setting

23.  Can change your school year to shorter or longer depending on the motivation to get the work completed

24.  You pick & choose the extra-curricular activities your child is involved in - no peer pressure to be in 17 different things

25.  A much better appreciation of each childs unique talents, gifts, struggles, successes

Another thought.....

Elementary & High School is the only time your children will be with other folks their exact same age ~ this is false socialization (not what will happen in real life).  Once they get to college/work and beyond they will be with people all ages and will have to learn then how to get along with people older and younger than themselves.

Some of these reasons came from the homeschool conference this weekend~and others are mine!

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