Monday, April 25, 2011

Multitude Monday 1026-1050

the list continues...

1026.  safe travels

1027. listening to sermons & then theological discussions in the car

1028.  eating at Cracker Barrel

1029.  the Lord presenting us with sharing opportunities

1030.  modestly dressed young ladies in church

1031.  the privilege of praying for a dear friend and updates from her husband

1032.  working hard as a family to accomplish a task

1033.  splitting a burger with Greg at Red Robin (yum)

1034.  successful thrift store shopping

1035.  watching Will paddle the kayak around the cove ~ he could make that thing glide through the water this year!

1036.  days of no tv watching

1037.  listening to the kids & grandparents playing cards last night

1038.  hearing Amy try to teach Samantha (cousin) how to crochet

1039.  watching Katie smock her first piece ~ she's a natural!

1040.  no technology Sundays...we are computer free on Sundays!  (mostly)

1041.  time to smock

1042.  starting to crochet my first baby afghan (its blue!  gotta give the future grandsons some equal time since all the smocking so far is for future grand-daughters)

1043.  the awesome news that the Lord is blessing my friend with another baby!

1044.  learning more and more about the Lord and realizing just how much I have left to learn

1045.  searching out the scriptures with Greg and not just taking anyone else's word for what they "think" the Bible says (there are some really whacky, untrue, unBiblical, untruths out there ~ beware of wolves in sheeps clothing)

1046.  a yard sale that yeilded us some more Beverly Lewis books

1047.  Russell Stovers chocolate covered caramel treats

1048.  sitting on a dock listening to the boats drive by and the waves lap the shore

1049.  warm sunshine

1050.  the awesome reminder that we serve a "Risen Savior"!!!!!

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  1. Thanks for the prayers - love you.

    Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing. The best advice I've read all day!


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