Friday, April 15, 2011


Happy Friday!  Its been a long busy week here.  This week was our cook dinner at church week.  Everyone wanted breakfast for dinner so thats what we did.  Scrambled eggs, ham slices (much cheaper than bacon), grits, biscuits, sausage gravy, cantaloupe and apple sauce.  To say that everyone loved it would truly be an understatement.  For the kids, we cooked green eggs & ham!  That nasty green colored egg was appealing to the littles and one little boy ate 3 platefuls.  We didn't have a camera with us so you'll just have to take my word on the green.  I did taste them cause I wanted to know if the food coloring changed the taste of the eggs ~ no!  At Sam's you can buy Pillsbury biscuits already baked in the bakery section...for the same price as the frozen unbaked.  And they were good!  We will repeat this dinner breakfast again.

We've been listening to our "Drive by Church History" by Todd Friel.  Its really interesting.  They go alot into the "whys & hows" behind the Roman Catholic Church and how they got all their power (hint...they gave it to themselves and now everyone just accepts it).  Yesterday we heard about Charlemagne (spelling could be wrong) ~ when he conquered a country or new land, he required everyone to convert to Christianity or be put to death.  Thats not quite the message we hear in churchs today!

Tuesday was Amy's birthday.  Our baby is now 15 ~ time flies!  We went to Miss. College in the morning for a museum tour & to do pottery at the art college.  Mr. Jolly was our guide/teacher and he was fantastic.  He did a great job with our age group variety, 4-18, kept everyone interested, and informed.  The kids all got to make tiles & after they are fired we will bring them home to paint.  There was extra clay, so a couple of us Moms got in on the fun too.  It was grown up play doh!  Then we all went to Chick Fil A for a birthday lunch ~ yummy!
 Dance was after that and then presents and Chicken & dumplings for dinner.  Miss Cake Decorator wanted to make her own cake & requested Oreo ice cream to go with it.  Devils Food Cake with Chocolate icing and oreo ice cream ~ a chocoholic for sure!  Our animal lover is getting a bunny.  So the backyard menagerie is growing.  We will find a furry creature after we get back from our travels. 

We've got the sewing machines humming with making some new skirts for the summertime.  I made Amy a jumper yesterday that turned out really cute.  I've also got 5 dresses waiting to be pleated and blocked for smocking, so that will be today's project.  I've got a quilt ready to put on my quilt rack Greg got me, so after travels I can start hand quilting on it.  I love getting projects completed cause there are so many more to do after that! 

There is a bad storm headed this way that could produce tornado's!  Oh joy!  So we could be huddled in our bathroom during sirens at times today.  I figure the spring tornado's could die down just in time for hurricane season to start ~ sometimes its hard to be optimistic!  But my trees, plants, bushes, peas and green beans will enjoy the extra rain.  (The rain just started)

We are in the last month of school!  Yippee!  I think there are only 27 or so math lessons to go.  History to finish up.  Spanish on the computer.  Lots of reading.  We are looking forward to the GHEA conference in GA.  Ken Ham & Voddie Bauchum will both be speaking, also Kevin Swanson.  Its gonna be a fun, inspirational weekend.  I can get my homeschool mom batteries recharged and be prepared for next year!!!!!  I've got 3 years left and really want to make the most of them.  That topic will be another post for another day!

Hopefully tomorrow will be dry and we can finish our new deck.  James has started painting our porch (after Allen primed it) and we are counting on more painting to happen tomorrow.

We are praying for the family of a Marine Sargent that was killed at the end of last week.  This is a local man from our community.  From what I understand from a Marine ~ he went into the field to retrieve his buddy who had been injured by a landmine.  While bringing the buddy to safety another landmine exploded and killed him.  His body reached here yesterday and the funeral is tomorrow.  Praying for comfort, peace, and quiet during the church service, processional & graveside ceremony. I do know that the Marines have requested as many Military as they can get to line the route from the church to the cemetary, so that proper respect will be shown to this brave hero.  (That crazy "church" group is coming to protest.  Those folks really need a touch from the Lord ~ he could either touch & turn their hearts or just whack them upside the head.  Their Sunday Sermons must be really "interesting"  to cause such reactions.) 

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