Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A B C's of Homeschooling (at our house)

A...amazing, awesome, absorbing, accommodating, approving, attractive, Algebra, all-encompassing
  B...Bibliology, Biblical, beneficial, blessing, baffling, beautiful, bonding, busy, books, brainy, Biology, bass guitars, Bible Verses, Bible Drill
C...Children, challenging, civilized, creative, Christ centered, crazy, captivating, colorful, crayons, confusing, Chemistry, creation, cannon counting, Civil War (War of Northern Aggression), camping, co-ops, cake decorating, calculators
D...Daddies, dedicated, deliberate, diligent, dauntless, delightful, dictionaries, dogs, dinosaurs, dictionaries
E...enthusiastic, energetic, edifying, effective, extensive, enlightening, empowering, Escatology, English, educational
F...Family, fantastic, fun, friendly, fathomless, fearful/fearless, fine, flexible, facts, fulfilling, food, friends, freedom
G...God, good, genuine, great, gentle, glorious, glue/gluesticks, genealogy, Gospel-centered, gardening
H...Holy Spirit, happy, hard, harmonious, healthy, healing, hugs, handshakes, History
I...ingenious, identifying, ideal, imposing, improving, instructive, investigative, inquisitive, interesting, intrusive
J...Jesus, joyful,  joining, journey, juggling, justify, journaling, Jr. Ranger
K...kind, keeping, kindred, kidding, kitchens, knowledge, kisses
L...loving, leading, learning, laboring, legitimate, limitless, laboratory, lessons, legal, leadership
M...Mommies,meaningful, misunderstood, markers, madhouse, majestic, matchless, music, Missions, mammals, memorization, Math skills, mentoring
N...narrative, narrow, natural, near, noted, non-conforming, never-ending, objective, obligatory, obstinate, occupation, opinionated
P...Parents, pupils, pleasing, pleasant, personal, pencils, paper, partial, peculiar, perfect, persistent, pleasurable, Physics, prayerful, politically incorrect, play doh, puzzles
Q...quiet, quacky, quaint, quality, quelling, quickening, questioned, quilling, questioning
R...respectful, reasonable, responsible, real, radical, rampant, recognizable, regular, reliant, reviving, ruthless, religious, real, relevant, reading, research
S...silly, satisfying, sanctified, sparkling, scrutinized, searching, selective, sensitive, settling, sharing, skipping, socialized, Spanish, sorting, sofa, spiral notebooks
T...terrific, terrifying, trying, talking, tempering, tender, theories, thoughtful, traditional, tiring, Theology, traveling, timelines, typing, tranquil, team, ultimate, unbending, understanding, undervalued, unifying, unique, useful, utilizing, "unsocialized"
V...valid, valued, valuable, varying, versatile, visionary, vulnerable
W...wacky, waiting, wanting, watchful, wonderful, wonky, weakening, welcoming,wholesome, wild, Worship/worshipful, writing
X...xanthum gum (its in everything & we don't know what it does), x-citing, x-acting, xylophone (loud)
Y...yelling, yielding, youthful, yarn 
Z...zealous, zany, zoos

I am sure there are many more words that describe homeschooling...I started coming up with this list yesterday afternoon ~ then Greg and Amy got into the act and started throwing words out.  There is no right or wrong way to homeschool.   What right for my family may not work for others.  The way I homeschool now, isn't the way I started 15 years ago.  It changes somewhat every year.  Now I've got 1 college homeschooler and 2 high schoolers and no little ones.  If you think of other words...please leave me a comment and list them!


  1. Possibly: Stressful, tedious, exciting, exceptional, purposeful, exclusive...

    I'm drawing a blank now : )

  2. Good additions! Honestly, for some of these I got out my 1828 Websters Dictionary!


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