Monday, February 28, 2011

Multitude Monday 831-860

And the blessing list continues.....Feb. 28

831.  my oldest daughter ~ Kathryn Elana (Katie Lynn) on her 18th birthday

832.  her "smarts" that the Lord blessed her with

833.  her grace & beauty

834.  her willingness to learn

835.  her willing helpful hands

836.  her beautiful heart open to the Lord

837.  her quest for Biblical knowledge

838.  her sweet smiles & blushes

839.  her love for creating ~ quilt squares, cross stitch, crochet, etc.

840.  her determination to get things done

841.  her patience with Amy (usually, not always)

842.  leading & guiding in a big sister way

843.  her openess to learning

844.  her willingness to serve at church

845.  her love for babies & children

846.  hearing her say "Mama"

847.  still be able to surprise her

848.  her forgiving heart

849.  her quietness

850.  hearing her giggle during phone calls

851.  the long talks we've had so recently

852,  the blessing of listening to her heart speaking

853.  striving to be a Proverbs 31 woman

854.  her great tea making skills

855.  her math mind to help Amy & Will when the need arises

856.  reading, reading, reading

857.  house cleaning help

858.  great help at church when we cook for large crowds

859.  her curly hair

860.  her beautiful brown eyes


  1. Such a sweet post! Happy Birthday to Katie!

  2. Happy birthday, Katie! You are everything your mama just said. A sweetheart below none.

    We love you so much!

  3. Happy Birthday Katie. You are a blessing to all who come in contact with you. You have grown in to a lovely young lady. I am so proud of you.

  4. Oh, Happy Birthday to your sweet Katie!


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