Monday, November 22, 2010

Multitude Monday 654-675

654. links to free projects/directions on the internet
655. church potluck dinners (last night was wonderful)
656.  spray water bottles (Amy is teaching the puppies not to growl ~ they just see the bottle right now and stop)
657.  funtime with friends (Keepers meeting today)
658.  time spent with family
659. freedom to go to church
660. freedom to worship the one, true Lord of all creation
661.   beautiful songs to worship the Lord with
662.  worshiping the Lord with a committed group of fellow believers 
663.  a renewed commitment to the Lord 
664.  knowing that I can pray anytime, anywhere, for anyone
665.  a pantry full of good food to eat
666.  a full freezer
667.  2 daughters that are becoming good cooks
668.  an appreciative husband & son who eat all the "experiments" 
669.  a 2nd job for Al in GA, what a blessing for him to earn extra money to catch up bills
670.  watching 2 little puppies try their hardest to jump up onto the sofa (they haven't made it, yet)
671.  a 4 day weekend coming up for Greg
672.  family cookout on Wed. night
673.  Turkey dinner on Thursday
674.  a partially clean garage
675.  driving around with Greg, looking for land to buy


  1. Stephanie, it needs to be 15-20 minutes from our church. We love it and don't feel like the Lord is tekkling us to change churches...just did that a year ago.

  2. There are areas of Florence that wouldn't be more than a 20 minute drive, via back roads, to your church. We would love to move out that way, too.


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