Friday, November 5, 2010

Being Busy at Home

Titus 2:3-5 is shown on the header of my blog.
I am happy being "busy at home". I like to be Greg's helper. The Bible states we are to be our husbands helpmeet, I try very hard to live up to that mandate. I love being a mom and homeschooling. I love ALL my children and pray for them daily (sometimes they do "un-likeable" things & then I pray even harder).

I love having a clean house ~ sometimes joy in the actual process of cleaning is unattainable. I love cooking and baking. I have an appreciative family who thanks me every night for the dinner that is prepared ~ even if its not their favorite. I like stacks of clean laundry to hang up and put away, I don't even mind ironing. I heard long ago from another Mom that she prays for each family member as she irons their clothes, that changed my outlook on ironing. Housework is a great time to listen to a sermon, motivational speaker or praise music.

Its hard to get all of the above done, if I am never at home. The Lord instructs older women to teach the younger women to love their husbands & children. And to be busy at home. You can't do everything for everyone and then get your housework, child training, etc. done. The Lord didn't call the local church, school, etc to train your children ~ thats a job for your husband and you together as a team.

I see my 1st priority as taking care of my husband, home, and children first. Then, I will see if I can work anything else in. I know there are cases when Mom's have to work to supplement the family income to pay bills ~ I've been there, its a hard job. But thats all the more reason not to have lots of outside commitments also. The church or school shouldn't be pulling you away from your family with the precious little time you have for them. Let someone else head up that committee, lead that church group, teach Sunday School, be leader of Pta or whatever. And if you are a single Mom, for whatever reasons, I understand that too. I was one for 9 long years. Lots happened during that time and I am thankful for my Mom and my extended family & church friends. They were a huge help and great blessing.

I have people tell me that they get tired just reading my blog and facebook updates. They couldn't do all that. But here is the big difference...I AM HOME. I am blessed to not have to work outside the home. Somedays, we have things to do, places to go and people to see and those are sometimes difficult days. Those are nights to plan a simple dinner or have dinner cooking all day in the crockpot.

Also, while you are at home...start training your children in "house keeping". There is absolutely no need for me to do it all by myself, I sure didn't make all the messes. Yes, it takes alot longer for a kid to do it than Mom, but they get better and faster as time goes on. I would rather spend time with them during the day, than do all the cleaning myself while they sit on their buns and do nothing. Its funny to watch the "maids" pull up at different houses in my neighborhood to clean. Some of these Moms don't work outside the home and have teenage daughters at home, what are they gonna do when they get married and hubby can't afford a maid. Its gonna be tough to learn all those skills later.

Be ready for your husband to come home after a long day at work. Have dinner cooking, the house in reasonable order, etc. As the Boy Scout Motto says "Be Prepared".


  1. Great post and oh, so true. I think even in our arena of homeschooling and such we can get too caught up in outside activities. I know our Sept. and Oct. are a whirlwind because of sports. However, praise the Lord, things are calmed down now and we are just loving being at home.

  2. Lots of good advice that I need to listen to! I know that I get too busy and don't have time to take care of my first responsibilities, but I am working on that!

  3. very good points made. I too should be more prepared.

  4. I TOTALLY LOVE THIS POST!! Thanks for sharing it! This is just so true and I really was encouraged by reading your perspective and realizing how much happier and more peaceful I am when I am at Home! this was already on my mind today and I think I am going to post a quote I read earlier about Home that I have been pondering throughout the day while I have cooked and baked and cleaned . . .



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