Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just Stuff

* Got all our fair entries back...I won 19 blue ribbons and 6 red ribbons. I am thrilled with that but then I found a snippy judges note on one of my smocked baby dresses. It said...My baby bishop should not have been entered because there is only 1 category for smocking and my little jumper was in that category. Excuse me for smocking (sarcasm intended), in this same section there is a Misc. category and they always put my 2nd dress under that...its what the category is for. I have actually entered 3 at a time, guess she was having a snippy day.

*I am thrilled to go out to the chicken coop and find eggs. Yeah, I'm a little strange. Today all the chickens came up into the coop and stood there to get petted (they were probably looking for a way to escape and just let me pet them while they plotted, but none flew the coop)!

*My beloved husband is having his on personal revival with the Lord and we are all joining in. The Lord has lit a fire under him that is a joy to watch! Love you Greg! You can read his blog thats listed on my sidebar...Letters to my Children (formerly Tiki Travelers).

*The cooler weather is a blessing! What a relief not to be sweating all the time. We've got to get some shock for the pool and clean it up, so it looks nice all winter. I don't want to look at green algea for months.

*Co-op is going well. I like that I only have to plan one class and Marie does the other one. It makes both of our days easier.

*Got my new Vision Forum Catalog today. This catalog is packed with wonderful, Christian resources for the family. Great place to do holiday shopping. Please click on my link on the sidebar so I will get credit if you purchase anything (a shameless attempt on my part to earn a little extra money!)!

*I am very thankful that we don't live in Old Testament times. I am not sure I could keep up with all the different offerings...burnt offerings, sin offerings, wave offerings, heave offerings, etc. I am reading the book of Numbers now. I think its just easier to keep up with the 10% tithe and to Thank and Praise the Lord for sending Jesus to take away (cover) our sins. I continue to be amazed at all the symbolism and prophecy pointing the Jewish people to Jesus Christ. Their Messiah they looked for in the Old Testament is our Savior in the New Testament.

*I am so ready for it to be Nov. 1. Halloween has turned into a free-for-all on tv and in stores. Ready for it to be done. I like my Harvest Decorations of scarecrows, pumpkins & sunflowers, they will stay up till Thanksgiving.


  1. I received my Vision Forum catalog this week, too. My problem, as always, is that I want way more of the books than I can afford! I do plan to order something for JW's birthday, so I'll remember to go through your blog to do it!

  2. I'm with you on Halloween. Unfortunately, Max has discovered it, which has led to some difficult conversations - difficult because he doesn't understand. Candy is great, ya know, so what's the problem!

  3. Thanks Jennifer! Every little bit helps.

    Hummmm, Rie, maybe just take him to the store and let him pick out a bag of candy? And haha, if ya go Nov. 1 it'll be 1/2 price!

    We gotta remember to get our candy for shoeboxes.

  4. I know what you mean about Halloween. We do the same thing as far as Harvest Decorations. I love my pumpkins, guords, and scarecrows.
    It's so exciting about your husband. I don't know if the Baucham conference helped but I know it sure did in our family!!
    I hope y'all have a great rest of the week.

  5. I agree with you -- I HATE all the Halloween hype -- and the way CHristians join right in and don't see a thing wrong with it!!! :( Like you, I was just so glad for it to be over!

    Harvest Decorating is fun and god-honoring -- no need for satanic decorating!!!!


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