Tuesday, October 26, 2010


For today ~ sunny & windy, we need rain

I am thinking ~ how much our society & our country have changed from when I was a little girl, when my parents were younger, and when my grandparents were little. This kind of change, we don't need.

I am thankful for ~ my Bible full of the Lord's love and guidance for our lives

From the learning rooms ~ Bible Verses, Catechism, Algebra, Biology, Language & Spelling, American History, need to start on Spanish again!

From the kitchen ~ cereal for breakfast, leftovers for lunch, & popcorn chicken salad for dinner

I am wearing ~ nightgown

I am creating ~ a tiny 5 x 7 cross stitch picture that is already annoying me. I picked out 2 kits a couple of years ago, that Greg bought me for Christmas. One was a Santa and the other was a father & son buying a Christmas tree. The kits contain the thread and this is a pattern that likes to "blend" floss colors ~ 2 strands of different colors. It looks gorgoeus when its done, but the stitching process is less than enjoyable. Oh, and every single thread in the 5 x 7 frame will be stitched...no open areas in this picture. I am doing the Christmas tree one!

I am going ~ to a play of "The Miracle Worker" tomorrow with our homeschool group.

I am reading ~ too many books at once: need to finish the David Jeremiah book & do my review, started another Voddie Baucham book, finished Numbers & started Deuteronomy, & my Backyard Homesteaders Book

I am praying ~ that the Lord would touch the hearts, minds, and lives of all my children and draw them close to him. (He may need to "touch" some of them with a sledgehammer to get their attention.)

I am hearing ~ spoons clank in cereal bowls, doggie nails clicking on the wood floor

Around the house ~ lots of sewing. Amy & Katie didn't work on their quilt squares much this summer, but they made up for it this weekend. Lots of sewing, ironing, & listening to "Adventures in Oddysey" going on in the dining room

One of my favorite things ~ praying with Greg

A few things for the rest of the week ~ co-op, dance lessons, The Miracle Worker, last Financial class at church, an RV road trip this weekend to Pensacola ~ sand, seafood, no trick or treaters!

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  1. Things have even changed in this country since I was little and I am only 29! I agree this is change we DON'T need! Good for you on escaping the trick or treaters. We live in an apartment so I doubt we'll have any. My daughter is only 5 months old...I am dreading the day when she'll ask at the store, "Mommy, why are all these witches and ghosts everywhere?" Enjoy your trip and have a blessed day!


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