Thursday, October 7, 2010

Been There, Done That

We were walking around the exhibits and heard an excited crowd looking at the Youth was our Keepers Group (which is also our homeschool group). They came to the fair after their field trip this morning. It was fun to be with them and compare ribbons and prizes for projects they all worked on together.

I got the first 2 bites of the deep fried Milky Way Bar. The kids finished it off...its too rich!

We go to the fair for the arts n crafts and the tremendously, over-priced fair food.
Greg, Katie, Amy & Will enjoying their Chicken on a Stick.

We love the roasted corn.

Will getting interviewed by a Radio Station about his Fair Entries!

Will's blue ribbon for his string art sailboat

Katie's Blue ribbon for her Jar Quilt

Amy's Blue Ribbon for her Flag Wall Hanging

My Blue Ribbon for my Log Cabin Quilt...the judges must have felt generous. I really expected a "better luck next time, chick" note attached. I didn't feel like the machine quilting was that great but hey, I am not a judge.

So here is what happened on the way to the Fair...And NONE of this is made imagination is very vivid but I can't make up stuff like this.

11:40 ~ We leave our house and head to the teller machine at the bank
11:45 ~ my magnetic strip on the back of the card won't work, so I call Greg and we decide to head downtown, we can get money with his card (I didn't have the check book with me)
Noon ~ get to his office and drive to bank
Noon:05 ~ the teller machine is OUT of money
Noon:06 ~ I go into the branch and am about the 15th person in line for 2 tellers
Noon:25 approx. ~ its finally my turn, she cashes my counter check and I head to the car
But the drama doesn't end there...the car won't start in the bank parking lot
Greg raises the hood, finds the jumper cables and we sit there ~ no one offers to help
Greg hikes back to his office to get his truck ~ the kids and I sit there ~ still no offers of help
He gets back ~ jumps off the car ~ and we drive to the fair
We get to the gates 30 seconds before 1...When they start charging for gate admission.

If we hadn't had all this trouble...we would have missed seeing our friends!

Oh yeah...
Dear Fair Vendors,
We could buy more goodies if you didn't charge outrageous prices...
2 Chicken on a Stick $12
1 roasted ear of Corn $4
1 deep fried Milky Way $4
1 Funnel Cake $6

Thats why we share...and we only do this once a year.


  1. Your entries are BEAUTIFUL. I love the log cabin quilt. Oh and the wall hanging, I so love that. I could go on and on. I am glad you had a good time!!!

  2. I am looking forward to taking LB on Saturday (we are working the OCC booth) and seeing all the projects displayed! LB is hoping for at least one blue ribbon, but she'll be excited no matter what!

    We usually don't spend any money at the fair, but I may have to have a roasted corn, that looked wonderful!

  3. Oh, and all that while we painted pumpkins! I would have offered to help your beautiful family.

    What's wrong with people these days?

  4. thanks Marie!

    Trixi, The Log Cabin is the one we did in the quilt class. I know it looks complicated but it really isn't. The flag we did in the class too...its great because its fast to get the top put together. Then you just hand or machine quilt. We pooled our resources for the fabric for both...the advantages of sewing with others.

  5. Congratulations on all the blue ribbons. Will always gets interviewed. One time at the lake mom took them to the library, Will was interviewed and got his picture in the paper.

    And yes fair food is very over-priced. But it is sooooo hard to pass up funnel cake.


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