Thursday, September 9, 2010

Interesting Thursday

Life is really interesting lately! I had a dr.'s appt. this morning for some bloodwork and stuff and it looks like everything is ok. Not what I have been pondering (worrying) about all summer. It could still be something depending on the bloodwork but I am praying that its not. Is that clear as mud? Also the arthritis is flaring up so I have some topical meds and a bandage for my finger...I am gonna look like ET ~ well at least my finger won't be green!

Greg went with me to the dr. today and then we went out for lunch. A midweek date! I could get used to that!

Amy and Will are plugging along in their schoolwork. Algebra is a challenge but they are both "getting it". We bought some books at CBD for spelling rules and phonics skills for older students and they are both enjoying those books. What a difference from the others we have used for this. They are titled "Apples to Apples" and were about $15 each. Well worth the money in my book. Katie's first CLEP test is tomorrow. She is taking the American History I test. She has studied bunches and we are confident of a passing outcome!

I had a long talk with the Vet this afternoon about Hershey. I learned way more about being a puppy midwife that I anticipated. Between Sept. 20 & 26 my grandpuppies should be here. My birthday is the 23rd so maybe I'll get a special gift that day! She is pretty funny waddling around and wants to sit with one of us and be held most of the time.

One thing different about 2nd marriages is ~ there are always kids around. Most folks have time as a couple before kids but not us. We jumped right into this with 7 kids and while I dearly love all of them, we need some alone time. I love to get away with Greg and we are planning a good vacation. Right after Christmas, there are beaches, warm temps, and a ship awaiting us. Merry Christmas to us! Mom is "babysitting" for us. I can't wait ~ now to lose a few pounds before then. We hit the pool today and exercised and will start walking when the temps lower some more.

Its almost the weekend!

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  1. i'll walk with you - does that mean I get to go with you?


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