Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Weekend

It is so nice to fully enjoy the weekend knowing that the first week of school is finished and we accomplished all we had planned. Fridays are normally "no school days" at our house meaning NO math, language, etc. This year we are using it for makeup days. Amy and Will still had some biology worksheets to complete and a paragraph about Leif Erickson Day for history.

We got the laundry done and hung on the line where it could bake in the very hot weather. The pool got swept and groceries were bought. I love going to Kroger and saving $70 - $80 on my total after sale prices and coupons are subtracted! My grocery toters were ready when I got home. After lunch as gal stopped by to sign up for our new homeschool group. We've now got 13 or 14 families...not bad for a group thats 3 weeks old!

Our sewing class starts next week and we met 'Rie and Isabella at Hancocks for fabric shopping. I really wish we had a JoAnn's here or that Hobby Lobby was closer because I do not like Hancocks, they make me mad every time. Besides the fact they are slow and rude, they would not renew my teacher discount card (my old one expired 2 weeks ago). So I am going on the warpath and investing in a professional looking, laminated, picture ID so that I can get my discounts. We found a couple of places by going through the swagbucks search engine and looking for Homeschool ID's. It will be ordered in the next day or so.

Last night we had a great time at Angela's house eating Taco's and playing Apples to Apples. Its so nice to finally have some friends that "understand" me...Christian, homeschooling, stay at home Mom. The Lord has blessed me abundantly in the last year with these friends and I am so thankful.

This morning was date started with sleeping a little later and waking up to NO alarm. Ahhhhh, so peaceful. Greg and I ran a bunch of errands and went to eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel. It was sooooooo cold in there. I ordered hot chocolate to drink and the warmth was very welcome. Then we stepped outside and remembered quickly that it wasn't fall yet. We remembered to make me a spare door lock key for my car. So this Christmas, in all the busyness, I will have a spare if I lock my keys in the car (I've done that the last 2 Dec.).

Now its pouring down rain. Lots of thunder and lightning. The thunder is the type that just rumbles for several minutes across the sky. My backyard rain barrel is overflowing and the pool water level is near the top. A plus is, we haven't had to water plants in over a week. The Lord is watering it from the sky. We are making plans to get another barrel to put in the front for collection to help with watering the fruit trees next year.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. You've been busy as usual. We worked school yesterday, too. Fridays aren't looking like they'll be taken off much this year!

  2. Glad you had a good first week to the school year. And a great weekend


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