Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I'm tired! I don't like to be tired, but I am there. Yesterday was laundry day. But, just because that would take all day, didn't mean I was content just to get that done. I had to add chopping all my ripe cucumbers for relish (16 cups) and cleaning & cutting up 25 pounds of peaches. ( I was chopping cucumbers while I listened in & participated in Katie's first coaching call from College Plus...thats tomorrows blog subject!)

Today, I turned those 25 pounds of peaches into 25 pints of peach jam. They have all been stirred, jarred and water bath canned. And all 25 jar lids have "pinged"...meaning they are sealed! Its hot work but I do enjoy it. It tastes great on peanut butter sandwiches or on toast for breakfast. And since we made our own, we don't have to worry about preservatives & additives. It would have been better using peaches from our own trees but that theivin' squirrel made off with mine.

Us girls have been working on cleaning the living room and straightening the downstairs. James and Will have cut the yard and whacked the weeds. We've got the pool in good shape and the water is clear. Tonight is our church's childrens party at our pool. This is for K-6th grade. Katie, Will and Amy will be "in the pool" lifeguards for the party. And tomorrow is Keepers At Home at our house.

After the children leave at 8...I am sitting down and not moving for a while. Maybe after an hour or so I will move to the bed for the night!

Praying the sun shines till after 8!


  1. Yep, I'm with you. Ruben's mom brought lots of tomatoes over last night and I have cored and chopped and juiced the plums and soaked the pickles. I enjoy it, too, but you are braver than me - I never would have done it on a night with company coming.

    Have fun tonight and rest!

  2. Still the woman, you are... The peach jam sounds wonderful. You are planting ideas in my little mind. I am sitting on the couch while my husband makes experimental pickles with my cucumbers. :) But it was his idea and they're HIS pickles.

  3. Thanks ladies...my feet hurt soooooo bad, been standing up too long. Tonight was successful, no accidents, no drownings, and no rain! A good night!


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