Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer

This is a very unusual, and let me assure you completely true post.

Several months ago, we got a "new to us Chihuahua" and we named him Skittles. He was to be a mate and friend for Hershey, our spoiled rotten little she chihuahua.

So we have waited months for her time to come and see if we get any puppies. Well, the time is here and this is where the really goofy, we can't believe it happened part comes in.

This afternoon, they are both outside and she starts squealing and carrying on. He is stuck in her. They are both panicky. We are astonished. I've never heard of this happening. We try everything to get them loose, we even tried a lubricant. And nothing worked...till we put both of them in the tub and Greg squirted water on them. That was enough of a shock to separate them.

So, now we don't know if puppies were established. But stay tuned.

It didn't seem to have long lasting, boy hating effects on Hershey. They are friends again.

If you have finished laughing hysterically, let me assure you once again...I didn't make this up. My imagination is just not that good!!!!!!


  1. No! Really!!

    I really would have liked to have seen that!

  2. Okay ... that is a really strange image now rolling around in my head! I can't wait to tell Ronnie, I am sure that he will get a real kick out of this story!

  3. Let your imagination roll with this...but it won't be as weird as really seeing it in person. Especially Greg trying to get them apart.

  4. Next time I am just going to chunk them into the pool!


  5. I think this is normal for dogs. It holds the sperm in so I was told. When we were in Honduras this would happen in the streets and the kids would laugh with covered mouths and point.


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