Monday, May 17, 2010

Multitude Monday (1-30)

I found this on my friend 'Rie's blog and wanted to join in...we are so blessed by the Lord, it should be easy to come up with....One Thousand Gifts. Here goes.....

1. Salvation through Jesus Christ

2. Freedom to worship

3. Prayer

4. A Bible filled with the Lord's words, wisdom and love for us

5. A Godly husband

6. 7 children

7. Homeschooling (end of our 14th year)

8. Daughters that want to be "Keepers at Home" and homeschool their own children

9. Sons with jobs

10. 3 puppy dogs

11. 4 baby chicks

12. air-conditioning (gets really hot in Miss.)

13. friends that listen, understand, and love you anyway

14. a friendly church family

15. new books

16. cookbooks

17. ladies willing to share their quilting knowledge with my children

18. Godly friends for my children

19. traveling with my family

20. funny, informative, inspirational blogs to read

21. board games

22. Christian historical fiction

23. lazy afternoons

24. sleeping late in the mornings

25. Saturday dates with my husband

26. Children old enough to be helpful

27. schedules

28. or no schedule

29. steady paychecks

30. vacation time


  1. You're making me want to join in too. Finding 1,000 gifts, huh? You're right -- it shouldn't be too hard...

  2. So many of these I ditto.
    We too are in Central Ms. We live in Lena. Noone ever knows where that is but it's about 20 mins. South of Carthage and about 35 mins. North of Flowood. By the way, we went to the homeschool conference this past weekend, did y'all?

  3. Trixi,

    No we didn't go. I know what I want to use for next year, just have to buy the stuff. And we live in Brandon.



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