Friday, May 14, 2010


This is the first Friday in a long time that we have been co-op classes, no travel, just home. So we are going to take advantage of this time and get some stuff done.

Bake chocolate chip cookies- double batch. Amy has been wanting to do this all week and she will get her chance today - and before you hang the noble daughter plaque around her neck...she is making them so she can eat spoonfuls of cookie dough! But we will end up with some cookies to take to Granny's on Sunday. Just keeping it real!

Finish getting box ready and plant cucumbers. We've got to mix some cow poo and a bag of "potting dirt" in with the compost that is already there. Some weeds decided to take up residence in the box while we were gone and they are being dealt with.

Plant another box of green beans. Our first box is doing great and the plants have blooms on them now. Can't wait for fresh green beans.

Will needs to crank up the weedeater and finish whacking around the boxes. Weeds love to grown up between them and the sidewalk. Also, get rid of all the grass growing through the slats on the sidewalk. Our latest bag of bird seed evidentally had grass seed mixed in it and the squirrels got in the feeder and spread it around (wonder if I can get the squirrels to pull the grass?).

Greg got back from the coast last night...yippee! He is still excited from getting to ride on a helicopter! He has been working at the BP Command Center in Mobile all week as part of the Miss. delegation. Answering water questions, looking at clean up efforts and approving or offering suggestions, etc. I am glad he is home. Hopefully, most of his work in the coming weeks will be via email and he won't have to go back.

My rheumatologist appt. was yesterday. And I do NOT have rheumatoid arthritis. Another yippee! I do have a full blown case of Nudular Osteo Arthritis. Meaning causes knots where it is attacking...right now my hands. Going back in four months for more tests and possible treatment, this may be the beginnings of something else but we are praying the something else doesn't come about. Greg said he prayed all morning it was not rh. arthritis and said he almost fainted when the first words out of my mouth were...I don't have RA. Thank you Lord for answered prayers.

The kids and I have watched the first 2 episodes of "America, the story of us". While they are both really good and so far factual, they do leave out the Lord alot. It was discussed in the pilgrims coming to the country, but not in the Revolutionary War. Whether all the "political correctdness people" like it...this country was founded on Christian principals, the first leaders before, during, and after the Revolution were devout Christians who could quote whole chapters and books of the bible. The Lord was important then, and I pray will be in this country again.

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  1. wow, what a busy Friday. I think if I had a day at home with no obligations I would sit and read or just do nothin'. I commend you for being very productive.


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